August 11, 2013

SPOCOM Anaheim 2013: Girls All Pretty in Plaid


In the middle of July during the height of the summer season, it’s not uncommon for guys to start daydreaming about a trip into the European countryside with certain elements of such themes and motifs finding significance within the popular culture, albeit more fantastical than what is normally perceived or intended in common experience.  More specifically put, it’s that sight of bare midriffs and perky plaid skirts on a woman, which just somehow takes over one’s senses and attracts that other dude’s attention.  It’s a certain flirty finesse with a play on imagery.  It’s a flurry of eye-catching patterns that hypnotizes in sensuality.  There’s really no going around it actually.  It’s a pure guy thing, apparently.  Within a realm of fast custom cars and sterling modified vehicles, the added visual of a beautiful bar maiden looking to contribute to a night’s entertainment only further drives a specific underlying idea just like consistent reruns of the “Man Show” in one’s home theater.  It’s a suggestion that guys don’t necessarily have to know the lyrics of a Belinda Carlisle song to find that urge to exclaim that feeling of heaven on earth.  Luckily, all they would have to do is buy a ticket and head into the Anaheim Convention Center for the SPOCOM automotive showcase spectacular.


The Diamond Dozen

The Diamond Dozen is a premier West Coast entertainment troupe, composed of multi-talented modeling professionals who are dedicated to providing a variety of live event services for brands and companies looking to maximize the quality of their special event productions.


New Zealand native Kirsty Lingman enraptures through an enticing expressive radiance and dynamicity of form that essentially showcases the vibrant style and sophistication that exudes from her being.  There’s just a pristine charm to her intuitive sensuality that is almost timeless within the force of emotive clarity.  Such perceivable class and passionate allure only further supports her innate value within any themed or contemporary concept of glamour photography.






Monique Lagorce would captivate audiences at SPOCOM Anaheim through a luster of expressive brilliance and delicate, sensual attitude.



Angelina Rodger absolutely illuminates the atmosphere through an embracing expressive adorability and engaging character, which many would find impossible to resist during the course of the SPOCOM Anaheim event.



Kira Christina would intrigue audiences within the shimmering expressive elegance and sensuality of her smooth emotive character.




When asked if her attire at the 2010 Babe Expo had anything to do with her troupe’s fashion repertoire during this year’s SPOCOM Anaheim extravaganza, Franchesca Del Carpio would laugh at the notion that someone would actually remember that far back.  It’s good to see her enjoying herself, however, especially on a day where she would be seen scrambling across the show floor with various duties on her schedule.  That’s the essence of her character and work ethic, after all.  Fran is truly a dedicated professional with extensive experience in various aspects of event promotion, implementing all that acquired knowledge into her Diamond Dozen modeling troupe, a project and business she has owned and operated since its inception in 2009.  One can hear all that passion and drive from the enthusiasm in which she expresses for what she does and the belief in what her team has to offer.  Even with all the responsibilities that come her way, there is still that embrace of humility and graciousness that just inspires one to sit back and discover more about her story.  It’s in this spirit and character that one can truly develop an appreciation for the industry.


Tuningwerks Competition / Heavy Hitters Magazine

Tuningwerks Competition showcases its innate passion for the lifestyle through innovative custom car creations that speak to the identity and ingenuity of people who absolutely live and breathe the car culture.  Within its continued mission to establish insight into the artists of the car culture movement, Heavy Hitters Magazine would also lend its brand name to the Tuningwerks Competition display area during the SPOCOM Anaheim event.


Michelle Vandervoort returns once again to the Southern California region for a special appearance at the 2013 SPOCOM Anaheim spectacular.  Soothingly alluring in serene sensual depth defined in vibrant statuesque charm, Michelle naturally projects this vivid enamoring grace, which utterly embraces the senses through a subtlety of disposition that penetrates ever so soothingly within the emotive constructs of form and focus.  Together, these elements to her talent infuse intriguing emotive dimension within her immediate scene and environment, facets to her talent that exemplify her capabilities within bold, interpretive themes of visual art.



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