October 3, 2013

Auto Gallery Car Show 2013: The Beach, Brands and Beautiful Girls

There’s something quite charming about Huntington Beach.  It’s the scent of that fresh coastal breeze during the drive down the boulevard.  It’s the nature of a vibrant community and environment, lined with quaint shopping centers and pristine real estate.  It’s a certain energy and charisma for new experiences, well exemplified in the people who frequent the beautiful shoreline and vicinity.  Indeed, Surf City, USA brings something quite inspiring to those looking for an adventure with many avenues eventually leading towards that realization of uninterrupted sky above vibrant open waters.  For many locals and visitors, such has exemplified the true essence of the summer season, an image which Praxis Productions has utilized quite effectively in establishing its Auto Gallery Car Show as a comprehensive representation of the Californian experience.  After all, the import and custom car culture is well established throughout the state with many of the scene’s most significant events taking place within its borders.  Having some of the most stunning modified vehicles gracing the grounds of one of California’s most renowned coasts just further emphasizes the depth of entertainment that exists within the region.   Solidifying this union of culture and environment would be the women, more specifically the promotional figures and personalities who essentially bring that same beach babe allure to the forefront, while exemplifying a prowess in communicating with audiences inside a vibrant live atmosphere.  Such has effectively established their value as cherished brand spokesmodels within a scene defined by that West Coast style of living.


R1 Concepts

R1 Concepts provides a quality line of expert engineered braking components, inspired by a dedication to high performance technology.


Amber Alexis Alvarez would entertain audiences at the 2013 Auto Gallery Car Show, beaming with that energizing expressive charisma and sensual dynamic grace, which has effectively positioned her as one of R1 Concept’s fastest rising promotional talents this season.  She just presents an unbound enthusiasm within stylistic intuition that is enticingly spirited in youthful spontaneity while emotively penetrating in depth and consistency.  Such is a quality of talent defined by an encompassing range of versatility, able to compliment the most lighthearted of themes while exemplifying a keen instinct towards visual romance and drama.


Stance Wheels

Stance Wheels is dedicated to providing car culture enthusiasts with optimal options towards fitment and style through its quality designed line of wheel products.


Passionately captivating in soothing sensual depth framed upon vivid, seductive form, Xena Kai is considered to be one of the most enthralling figures within the automotive show circuits today, well recognized as the leading promotional figure for Stance Wheels throughout the course of the last two years.  A defining quality to her success and popularity within the automotive genre has always been her affection towards the community as a whole, acknowledging the scene’s genuine beauty and character as a defining characteristic of its innate appeal.


So Sweet!

So Sweet! presents a varied selection of scented car tags that effectively showcases the personality and spirit of the enthusiast and individual.

Chaba captivates through an enticing expressive brilliance framed upon fluid sensual poise, facets of her style and talent which have effectively established her name within the scope of the automotive scene and culture.  She just brings a certain energy into an event atmosphere that is utterly mesmerizing within an air of subtle, seductive mystery, a distinct flavor to her persona well emphasized by a signature gesture she often utilizes upon various show floors.  With one index figure pressed to her lips, as if alluding to some sort of secret, she’s always sparked some curiosity as to the context behind such playful suggestions for secrecy.  When asked to elaborate upon the origins of such a trademark pose during the Auto Gallery Car Show, she herself couldn’t really figure it out.  It was something that just came about naturally within the spontaneity of an event long ago with no specific story behind its consistent use and popularity.  Thus, the mystery undoubtedly remains though, perhaps, that’s the point.

Hey!  It’s Ryan Oso


Ryan Oso would make a special appearance at the Auto Gallery Car Show this year, representing an individual custom car display throughout the course of the event spectacular.  Sensually stunning in passionate expressive depth defined in tantalizing statuesque control, Ryan doesn’t really need any elaborate fanfare to draw a significant amount of attention upon a show floor.


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