October 2, 2013

Auto Gallery Car Show 2013: Grounds Report

No other season on the annual calendar establishes an affection and appreciation for the coastal lifestyle as much as the summertime.  Indeed, within those few months of optimum weather conditions, the beach atmosphere often finds lasting significance within any particular experience, renowned as a sensory paradise set away from the rigid constructs of the ordinary.  In many ways, it’s a place where the meeting of sea and sand seemingly unifies people within a fascination for grand sights and active living.  Such is the reason why the eventual conclusion of such a period is often met with a certain urgency to reemphasize such adventurous times, often inspiring the organization of some of the hottest festivals and gatherings in which to relive those sensory thrills and spectacles before season’s end.  For the Southern California car culture scene, the Auto Gallery Car Show has been that one event that has effectively celebrated a passion for the automotive lifestyle within an admiration for the mainstream summertime tradition.  Set upon the vibrant grounds of Huntington State Beach, the annual show spectacular would give many enthusiasts a chance to bid a final farewell to Summer 2013, being one of the last outdoor car culture festivals in the region before the big automotive consumer trade shows step into the spotlight during Fall.  With that thought in mind, many of the current stars and personalities within the import modeling scene would jump at the opportunity to embrace those last few hours under the sun, hoping to inspire a few more moments of enthusiasm and excitement upon what many have already regarded as a splendid year.

General Show Floor


The 2013 Auto Gallery Car Show would be held at its usual spot at the Huntington State Beach in California, located near the intersection of Beach Boulevard and Pacific Coast Highway.  The soothing ocean breeze and scenic atmosphere has always provided distinct flavor to the production, embracing an environment which intricately compliments the vibrant nature of the scene itself within a less formalized, community-driven format and program.  Set adjacent to the beach’s primary walk and trail, it would actually lure the interest of many of the locals and vacationers enjoying the coast that day, presenting a simple yet expansive showcase area filled with the regions hottest custom cars and modified vehicles.  However, nothing brought more attention towards the production than the lovely ladies of the import and automotive scene, gracefully representing their genre of the modeling industry through their taste and talent for spirited live entertainment.  In doing so, they would also fully emphasize the highlights and features of the Auto Gallery Car Show program to all those attending.

Branded Beauties   Official Model Lounge

These promotional figures have become well recognized through their association with certain established companies and teams.  During the Auto Gallery Car Show, they would once again exemplify that charm and charisma that has made them virtually synonymous with the identity of their brand.


Contrary to what might be inferred from its title, the Auto Gallery Car Show isn’t just about cars.  In fact, the production would also present a stunning lineup of the most popular and respected modeling talents within the automotive industry through their featured official models lounge.

Pageantry on the Main Stage

The Miss Auto Gallery Pageant has always been a significant attraction within the Auto Gallery Car Show’s scheduled main stage program.  This year would be no different as the hottest women of the import scene would once again battle for the cherished crown. 


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