October 4, 2013

Auto Gallery Car Show 2013: Models Promoting the Lifestyle

The import scene is composed of various social and professional elements, which fundamentally shape the character of this enthusiast phenomenon as more than just a craze but an encompassing lifestyle.  Obviously, the foundation of such a movement lies upon an innate passion for custom cars and modified vehicles, an emphasis which has spawned various entities hoping to contribute towards the concepts and projects that passionate individuals formulate within the creative depths of their imaginations.  Thus, in the pursuit of such aspirations, people have never really been left alone to their own devices, as the constant drive for self-expression often exposes them to other perspectives of distinct experience and expertise.  Soon enough, individuals develop affection for certain companies.  Likeminded personalities find a welcomed home under certain brands.  In that regard, it becomes less about business as usual and more about what one can offer towards his or her community.  It’s through such understanding that one discovers the essence of the modeling industry within this particular genre.  While professionally tasked with promoting a specific brand to the public, it’s important to understand that many of these import scene figures are intricately linked to their brands by a commonality of interest and a spirit of camaraderie, a unique working dynamic which often allows them to act freely within the full force and charm of their personalities.  At this year’s Auto Gallery Car Show, those same promotional stars would reemphasize that theme of community by bringing their cherished fans along within the excitement, essentially celebrating those summer days yet to end with autumn days soon to arrive.

Import Fashion


Import Fashion talent coordinator and spokesmodel Angel Kyoko would dazzle audiences in her sizzling red bikini getup during the 2013 Auto Gallery Car Show, all the more accentuating that smooth expressive elegance and sleek seductive style, which readily exudes from her presence. 





Regina Mei would make her second consecutive appearance at the Auto Gallery Car Show, proudly representing Import Fashion for the duration of the show.  Radiantly inspiring through adorable expressive brilliance embraced in vibrant sensual poise, her enthusiasm and sweet character would definitely compliment the optimism and energy of the active Huntington Beach atmosphere.





Vividly alluring in bold penetrating depth defined in passionate dynamic form, Court definitely exemplifies a keen intuition towards the stylistic elements of expressive art and drama.  It’s a certain force within the flow of her disposition that effortlessly envelops an environment within the pure majesty of immersing seduction.  Such a captivating presence would prove quite valuable to the Import Fashion display during the 2013 Auto Gallery Car Show spectacular. 



Limitless Society

Limitless Society promotes the ambitions of enthusiasts and modeling talents through its function as a motivational marketing force deeply rooted within the car culture community.



Ellie Roxx absolutely charms through a sweet expressive radiance framed upon smooth, delicate poise, qualities to her talent which convey a level of warmth and style well appreciated within the spirited car culture circuits of Southern California.  Making her fifth major event appearance under the Limitless Society banner this season, Ellie would effectively contribute to the allure and charisma of the brand’s featured custom car and modified vehicle displays.




Europrojektz highlights the beauty and engineering of European brand vehicles through the efforts of their various car club chapters around the world.



The lovely Krysy Elizabeth would make her automotive scene debut at this year’s Auto Gallery Car Show extravaganza.  Charmingly brilliant in smooth, serene charisma, Krysy truly expressed a willingness to embrace the spirit of the car culture phenomenon, unleashing her own character and persona upon the Europrojektz featured vehicular showcase presentations.

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