September 21, 2013

Subiefest 2013: Grounds Report


An avid car culture enthusiast is often helpless to resist the opportunity of attending one of the largest automotive meets within his or her vicinity.  So, as that waking morning light peeks through the curtain to signal the dawning of yet another live event adventure, the body tends to feel a little less heavy with the spirit all the more willing, even within the probable stupor of those early Saturday morning hours.  However, if that food for thought doesn’t immediately inspire the necessary invigoration, the finely tuned and polished custom car marvel within one’s garage might very well establish the significance of the moment.  Maybe, it could even be a sudden flash of euphoria upon imagining oneself upon a premier show floor, filled with the hottest modified vehicles in the country.  For Subaru owners, such a thrill for passion and spectacle finds itself realized within the features of the Subiefest production year after year, often attracting a massive crowd of enthusiasts upon one gigantic show floor to celebrate the style and ingenuity that fundamentally defines their niche in the automotive lifestyle community.  Often marveled for the mass amount of showcase vehicles lining up to participate within this outdoor car culture extravaganza, the organizers of Subiefest would find it necessary to relocate their festival within the city limits of Fontana this year, where they would effectively present their brand of automotive entertainment upon the visual scope and grandeur of the famed Auto Club Speedway.  With some of the most gorgeous Subaru brand vehicles on display at one of the most renowned sporting venues in Southern California, the modeling community was likewise poised to contribute their own quality of character and personality towards the occasion.

General Show Floor

Subiefest 2013 was officially held upon the infield of Fontana’s Auto Club Speedway, a site quite familiar to many Redline Time Attack fans and participants throughout the years.  In fact, the surrounding track action would provide for quite a spectacle already with the aforementioned racing circuit conducting its sixth round of competition simultaneously during the day.  However, the quality of the featured vendor roster at Subiefest would effectively anchor the prevailing car culture intrigue, as a variety of motorsports entities and developers would present some of the finest modified Subaru vehicles from around the country.  Organized in stunning order along the event’s linear showcase format, the brands flourished upon one of the most scorching event days of the season, offering fans and enthusiasts a full arsenal of options for vehicular style and performance while essentially diverting attention from the harsh heat.  After having a chance to gaze at some of the featured hardware, fans would be further treated to refreshments and food at the far end of the show floor, before uncovering a special overflow section, where enthusiasts would take center stage through personal custom car presentations and powerful performance demonstrations.  Throughout the course of navigating the grounds, many would notice the scene’s most recognized modeling talents effectively injecting themselves into the event experience.  The following is a summary of what they essentially brought to the table, which, in effect, represents the content of future Subiefest coverage updates being released within this site.

Scene Stars   Team Spirit

These women just seem to be everywhere.  Through their love of the automotive scene, fans have very much gravitated to their personas as prominent symbols of the car culture phenomenon.  Their presence at Subiefest 2013 truly emphasizes the production’s growing stature within the broad-based automotive lifestyle community.


When the top personalities of the automotive realm get together for an event as significant as Subiefest, it’s pretty common to see them embracing the festivity and energy of the atmosphere wholeheartedly.  Such often inspires some memorable moments that are sure to enthuse and entertain.

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