September 22, 2013

Subiefest 2013: Your Friendly Neighborhood Promo Models


To many people, the modeling industry is often understood within a certain structure and reverence of formality, as the mainstream media often highlights the high fashion sectors of the field within its featured programs and publications.  After all, such a genre has always relied upon such methods of mass marketing with a majority of its premier live events presented exclusively to a select few, leaving much of one’s fascination for distinctive expressive style dependent upon a specific character of photography.  While these elements of intrigue also exist within the import and automotive genres, the pure volume of easily accessible live event extravaganzas within this particular scene has presented a contrary perspective of the industry, one less emphasized upon the relationship between artist and theme and more influenced by the connection of audience towards personality.  Thus, the prevalent promotional figures within the car culture circuits have always comprised of some of the most approachable young talents within the industry, always willing to offer a few laughs into any situation while effectively dazzling the senses through their own intuitive grace and beauty.  Such character and enthusiasm has allowed them to become well appreciated within a scene that is very much defined as a community, consistently encouraging a mass attendance of their fans, friends and followers to major events like Subiefest 2013.



Clear Bra Pro

Clear Bra Pro prides itself with developing a quality surface protection film, which preserves the style and character of a finely detailed ride from the harsh conditions encountered within everyday driving.


Marie Alvarez truly enchants through a soothing sensual focus and scintillating dramatic poise that infuses a depth of stylistic intrigue upon any scene or situation.  Even within the most casual of atmospheres, there’s a certain flow and conviction to her disposition that is chicly penetrating in stunning emotive consistency, effectively dictating any prevailing theme within the pure dimension of her talent.  Though the haunting allure of her visual appeal is quite apparent, perhaps, it’s that subtle disappointment towards missed opportunities for goodie bags or her creativity in comical adlib product demonstrations that has effectively contributed to this talent’s crowd popularity.  It’s all that stunning glamour with a touch of genuine charm that just makes everyone feel all the more comfortable out there.



Crawford Performance

Crawford Performance specializes in developing quality engineered vehicle parts and components, suited towards the high performance needs and preferences of the most dedicated automotive enthusiasts and motorsports professionals.


Sandra Wong would make a welcomed appearance at the Crawford Performance booth during the Subiefest extravaganza, charming with that sweet expressive brilliance and pristine, delicate style that has made her a dominant figure within the automotive lifestyle scenes for the last two seasons.  Indeed, the admired magazine cover model has provided a unique element of style and grace to an already varied and dynamic scene within the modeling industry, perhaps, placing her in the running as one of the definitive figures of the car culture genre within the span of this current era.  Time will tell all, as this young star further harnesses her potential and talent towards future opportunities.




Vibrantly alluring in radiant expressive vivacity, Jennifer Angel Ancheta innately personifies the joy and charisma of the car culture phenomenon, well recognized within the motorsports and automotive showcase realms through her long time association with the International All Stars promotional troupe.  Setting some time away from her duties as a premier event spokesmodel at this year’s Subiefest event, she would effectively reintroduce her own Hello Kitty themed modified vehicle, which was previously featured at the 2012 OC Auto Show.


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