September 15, 2013

DUB Show Anaheim 2013: Monster Girl Entertainers at Angel Stadium


A venue whose name alludes to a pristine and immaculate quality of spirit tends to rule out the imagery of some monstrous radioactive being leaving neon slash marks all around the vicinity.  However, the DUB Show at Angel Stadium has always played upon such a thematic incongruity with Monster Energy Drink continuously presented as a primary sponsor of the car culture festival throughout the years.  Though the symbolism of both the brand and venue appear to stand at odds with one another, both innately signify that same thirst for adventure and pursuit for achievement.  As Angel Stadium is well known as one of the nation’s hottest sporting battlegrounds, through which dreams are realized and history is made, Monster Energy Drink is likewise very much involved in providing that fuel towards the future, dedicated to inspiring the next generation of athletes and musicians within the example of their dynamic brand culture.  Leading this effort amongst the aspiring masses have always been the world famous Monster Energy Girls, a stunning troupe of professional talent, not solely defined by their visual grace and beauty but honored through their ability as performers and personalities within the broad-based entertainment industry.  Indeed, through their character and professionalism, these Monster Girls would truly provide audiences with a heavenly experience upon the DUB Show Anaheim show floor.


Monster Energy Lounge

The Monster Energy Lounge is often the busiest attraction of the DUB Show Anaheim event program.  With the prospect of meeting one’s favorite actors and athletes along with the offer of receiving a signed copy of the Monster Energy Spokesmodel Calendar, large lines have come to be expected.

Known for notable roles in television shows like Project Runway along with various appearances within publications such as Elle and Cosmopolitan, Runa Lucienne definitely presents a talent that translates well within the various realms of promotion and entertainment.  Brilliantly inspiring in vibrant embracing grace, she would effectively captivate the audiences within that irresistible star power while stationed at the Anaheim DUB Show’s Monster Energy Lounge.



Carla Daniela absolutely dazzled fans through a shimmering pristine elegance that utterly enriched the experience of the DUB Show Anaheim spectacular.




Erika Medina allured in a sweet charming radiance that truly contributed to the enthusiasm and energy at the Monster Energy Lounge.





FHM and Maxim model Carissa Rosario would make a splendid appearance at DUB Show Anaheim, mesmerizing fans through that fiery sensual sophistication that has helped to bolster her reputation to a truly international level within print and media.


Getaway is a new feature film starring Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez that promises nonstop thrills and excitement on an action-packed joy ride.  The movie’s promotional display at DUB Show Anaheim would present the primary vehicle used in the film’s many jaw-dropping sequences.


Monster Energy Calendar Girl Stephanie Loayza would engage audiences upon the DUB Show Anaheim event grounds while promoting the theatrical release of Getaway to the audiences at Anaheim’s Angel Stadium.  Smoothly enticing through penetrating sensual focus defined in shimmering dynamic style, Stephanie establishes a certain quality of order upon a scene or atmosphere, which effortlessly spellbinds within a bold clarity of character and passionate conviction.  It’s a certain depth within intuition that flows ever so gracefully even within the spontaneity of the moment, fully emphasizing the depth of control and refinement she has contained within her talent.  Such is a quality of presence that is well utilized within the thematic constructs of high fashion and visual art.



Charmingly genuine and embracing in character, Stephanie is always quite gracious through interaction, happy to reminisce about her past seasons within the scene while quite open about her aspirations and motivations within the entertainment industry in general.  At the DUB Show in Anaheim, she would emphasize her long time passion for creativity within the EDM musical genre.  Such has been a driving force of her professional journey, which has actually been well celebrated by her Monster Energy family through her exclusive position as the brand’s official DJ.  Currently, she’s looking to further expand her presence within the music industry, actually mentioning a certain major label within the course of conversation.







The presence of talented vocalist Jennifer Jayleen Martinez would further contribute towards the musical vibe at the DUB Show’s Getaway promotional display, while absolutely mesmerizing audiences within the smooth radiant sensuality that readily exudes from her being.



Where’s Magda?


Glowingly elegant in vibrant expressive charisma framed upon sleek passionate poise, Magda Angel is definitely one of the most stunning figures active within the DUB Show Tour today.  However, she can be hard to find upon the show floors, at times, mostly due to her responsibilities as a featured host for the MUN2 television show, DUB Latino.  However, if someone finds themselves fortunate to be within her vicinity at any given time, it’s often quite rewarding to sense that genuine regard and affection towards people effectively predominating such an experience, as she often takes some time to greet and converse with her fans even after a full day on the job.  It’s within such character and professionalism that effectively establishes Magda Angel as a beloved talent within this scene and industry.


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