September 7, 2013

DUB Show Anaheim 2013: Booth Girls Sizzle in Glamour


DUB Show Anaheim truly presents an interesting dynamic between the constructs of theme and environment.  Renowned as a major tour stop within one of the most prestigious automotive showcase circuits in the continental United States, the annual event spectacular puts forth a brand name that commands respect through an aura of prestige, which very much influences a certain allure towards elegance in regards to the expectations for such a grand production.  However, the urban and community driven influences of its program have never been lost to the audiences, as the craftsmanship and flare of passionate, independent artists still dominate as the primary attractions upon the show floor.  Perhaps, such a dedication towards custom car and modified vehicle design is even further highlighted within the radiant, open air atmosphere of the famed Angel Stadium, a setting that essentially embraces the festive grassroots elements of the automotive showcase phenomenon.  Within the sensory appeal of the occasion would emerge some familiar faces from the promotional realm whose style and character would effectively emulate the dimension of intrigue within the DUB Show Anaheim extravaganza itself.  Some people would undoubtedly gravitate towards their undeniable chicness, while others would find themselves suddenly drawn towards the depths of their encompassing sensuality.  Either way, it was quite obvious that these lovely young professionals, true models of the scene and industry, were well prepared to educate everyone on the essence of glamour.

Customs 411 Magazine


Fans and attendees would find Ling Ferrero stationed at virtually the same exact setup from her last official appearance at Angel Stadium, once again donning the colors of Customs 411 Magazine at the 2013 DUB Show in Anaheim.  Charmingly enthralling in sweet expressive elegance framed upon vivid seductive form, Ling embodies that combined adorability and allure that finds prominence amongst even the most intriguing sights and sounds influencing such a diverse and vibrant show floor.






Monique Lagorce would make her second official appearance as a premier spokesmodel for Customs 411 Magazine, captivating audiences at DUB Show Anaheim through that fiery sensual charisma and flowing intuitive grace, which immerses so completely within a force of character and persona.  Naturally, such talent and potential would not go unnoticed, as she would be proudly featured upon the front cover of the publication's latest printed edition.



DUB Garage / TIS Wheels / Dropstars

DUB Garage inspires a whole new generation of automotive enthusiasts by translating the unique flavor of the car culture phenomenon upon a fine line of toy products.  As always, TIS Wheels and Dropstars would provide some life-sized support to their presentation, showcasing their stunning lines of performance and luxury wheel designs within the designated display area.


Jenna Trujillo always mesmerizes through a smooth passionate depth and sophisticated dynamic style that effortlessly imposes penetrating sensuality upon the immediate atmosphere.  She just conveys such emotive power within a consistency of focus that establishes haunting drama within the constructs of refined, fluid control.  It’s that very essence, which essentially makes her an irresistible figure within any live promotional format or showcase production.  Talking with her briefly at DUB Show Anaheim, she expressed a deep appreciation for the scene throughout the years though quite eager to act upon some opportunities she’s been offered in recent months.  While such duties might make her live appearances a bit scarce in the coming future, she did make a reassurance that she’d be hanging around every once in a while to catch up with her friends and fans.  For people who have appreciated her presence upon various show floors throughout the years, that would be good news indeed.



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