November 26, 2013

HIN WDRIFT Fontana 2013: Premier Models on Tour

Brands have a significant impact on how a talent is perceived by a community or industry.  Often, the level of prestige conveyed through a certain association often acts as a measure of worth, as it pertains to a model’s recognition as an effective ambassador within the scope of a specific business.  Thus, the opportunity of capturing a stable position within a respected organization becomes one of the key factors of success for those looking to be recognized on an broader basis, a stature that can very well lead into further opportunities for growth as a known professional and versatile entertainer.  Within the automotive scene, not many other event productions have effectively established a reputation within such a richness of history quite like Hot Import Nights has done over the course of a decade.  Indeed, its programs have introduced a vast number of the biggest names in promotional modeling, a trend which could very well continue now within this current era.  Therefore, close attention should be placed upon those exhibiting a dedication and popularity that extends beyond the boundaries of any particular vicinity, as their ever magnifying potential to become significant figures within the industry becomes all that more apparent through a consistent presence within the HIN international tour.

2013 HIN WDRIFT Official Spokesmodels (Continued)

Gwendolynne Gee, apparently also known as Catwoman, has truly developed into one of the defining entertainment figures for the Hot Import Nights brand with featured appearances within the company's productions and ventures dating back to the beginning of the 2011 season.  At HIN WDRIFT Fontana 2013, Gwen would once again establish her presence upon the show floor through that spirited expressive charisma and sensual intuitive poise, which continues to reflect the fundamental attitude and character of the automotive and motorsports culture.



Seductively stunning in shimmering expressive depth framed upon enticing, dynamic form, Brit Bliss possesses that sensual consistency within stylistic elegance, which has already allowed her to grace the properties of Maxim Magazine within the early stages of her career.  Now poised to make an impact within the automotive scene as an official spokesmodel for Hot Import Nights, she would effectively showcase her professionalism and personality by significantly contributing towards the HIN WDRIFT Fontana show floor and stage attractions.


Magazine cover model Trinity Dang would make a special appearance at HIN WDRIFT Fontana, stationing herself at the Hot Import Nights model lounge where she would find herself greeted by numerous fans lining up for some personally signed mementos.  Vibrantly alluring in brilliant expressive elegance embraced in spirited sophisticated style, Trinity truly exudes a certain vivacity within grace, which shimmers ever so majestically within a luster of immaculate order.  It’s this smooth statuesque character to her disposition that has effectively elevated her as an leading national figure for the Hot Import Nights brand, a stature further emphasized by her role as master of ceremonies for the event’s premier spokesmodel pageant.

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