September 8, 2013

DUB Show Anaheim 2013: 2Crave Model Heat Wave


Is it the sleek order of craftsmanship and detail?  Perhaps, its that innovative spirit that does much to inspire one’s appeal towards a certain quality of conception.  Whatever that driving emotive force might be to a particular individual, it’s quite obvious to see that the 2Crave line of luxury wheel products fundamentally represents an appreciation for adventure and an enthusiasm for life.  Through the effects of full spectrum color and the shimmer of refined design, an undeniable warmth and vibrancy emerges from within the stylistic elegance that the brand so effortlessly conveys.  However, where there is warmth, so comes the heat, especially in a region where the allure of summertime finds such prominence within memory and experience.  2Crave’s answer towards emphasizing this passion upon a major automotive show floor has always been simple and direct, realized upon the continuous evolution of one of the hottest promotional troupes within the automotive showcase scenes today.  All together, the resumes of the modeling professionals attached to the brand have spanned an entire pop culture genre with many having notable roles within fashion, television, featured print and pageantry.  With the depth of talent illuminating their featured products like none other, the energy and momentum of the 2Crave brand has undoubtedly been felt by an ever expanding audience.  Such a dominating influence would effectively progress throughout the course of this year’s DUB Show Anaheim spectacular.


Passionately enthralling in shimmering expressive grace and order, Brittany Brickner projects a radiance within a soothing consistency of subtle allure that charmingly captivates an audience.  Such a visually intoxicating presence would prove quite valuable in drawing the wandering crowds towards the 2Crave promotional raffle station during the Anaheim DUB Show.



Arika Sato captivates through a radiant expressive elegance defined in chic statuesque form.  Such is a quality of persona that truly enriches a scene within a unique luster of class and glamour.  Her appearance a this year’s DUB Show Anaheim spectacular would mark the third time this year that the television personality and beauty guru has acted in an official capacity towards promoting the 2Crave brand upon a premier automotive show floor.



Nelly Chavez would make her return to the major show circuits of Southern California, following up on a surprise appearance at the annual 2Crave Open House celebration earlier in the month.  Sensually stunning in passionate expressive charisma embraced in fluid dynamic control, Nelly contributes enticing depth of character upon an atmosphere, establishing vivid, seductive drama through the constructs of scintillating focus and poise.  Such would effectively compliment 2Crave’s alluring modified vehicle and custom car displays during the course of the DUB Show Anaheim extravaganza.









Vivaciously elegant in vivid sensual depth framed upon tantalizing intuitive style, Arley Elizabeth creates such potent aesthetic intrigue through the poise and conviction of her expressive process.  There’s just this luster of refinement to her disposition that truly infuses an element of artistry and fashion within any moment, while often animated in a dynamic wit and instinct for humor that has allowed her to connect thoroughly with the car culture community in general.  It’s through such personality and dimension that has effectively solidified her status as a leading promotional figure for 2Crave Wheels over the past several seasons.






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