August 17, 2013

SPOCOM Anaheim 2013: Spokesmodel Charisma


An environment adorned with the finest modified vehicles and the most stunning custom car displays is often quite a spectacle already, especially when taken with the beat of blasting amps and action-packed sound that would define the atmosphere of the SPOCOM Anaheim showcase extravaganza.  It’s a celebration of a culture, after all, a grand party catering to the thrills of the automotive lifestyle, which through its span and magnitude might cause one to get lost in the sensory euphoria of the moment.  With that said, it takes certain kinds of entertainers to effectively compliment such conditions or, perhaps, to even go so far as to overcome all other presented attractions to find distinction within an audience’s memory.  With a significant portion of their production focused upon the depth of talent currently active within the import modeling scene, the organizers of the SPOCOM showcase circuit knew that they would have to rely on the industry’s most spirited personalities to effectively anchor this significant feature of their program.   These official spokesmodels, well experienced within various promotional duties and campaigns throughout their careers, would effectively tackle such a task, presenting additional value to the experience through a quality of charisma that essentially nurtured consistent attention from the fans.


2013 SPOCOM Official Spokesmodel Lounge



Radiantly enticing in soothing expressive focus framed upon delicate flowing style, Suemomo absolutely illuminates a scene through a shimmering quality of intuitive allure, which at times can be quite intoxicating in genuine warmth while passionately dramatic within depth of character.  While experienced as an artist in front of a camera, she has also been known for her creativity within the field of fashion design.  During the course of the SPOCOM Anaheim event, she would be overjoyed to hear some fan appreciation for a Sailor Mars uniform concept, which was worn by popular import scene cosplayer Mila De during the 2013 Extreme Autofest Anaheim festival.





Making her first appearance at a sanctioned SPOCOM event spectacular, Hayle Cayaga would captivate audiences through a brilliant expressive order and sleek dynamic poise that infused a charming depth of elegance within the festivities of the premier automotive celebration.



With all her previous appearances seemingly leading to this particular occasion of the season, Jenn Marie would be absolutely glowing upon the SPOCOM Anaheim show floor, contributing a purity of enthusiasm and energizing sophistication that instilled a certain freshness and optimism into the overall experience.  Having been involved in the promotion of the event since late last year, it was great to see her finding her groove as an official spokesmodel within the main event. 





Cathyy Dam would return once again to the show floors of SPOCOM Anaheim, beaming with that spirited, animated charisma, which always draws the crowds within the thrill of shimmering sweetness and a passion for laughter. 






Janis True has been making her presence known within the major West Coast automotive show circuits as of late, mesmerizing crowds with that rich expressive vivacity and dynamic sensuality of form that has made her an import scene pageant finalist in the past, while also quite possibly affording her further opportunities within the realms of print and media in the future.  Accentuating her 2013 season with an appearance at this year’s SPOCOM Anaheim extravaganza, the Seattle based talent is well positioned towards potentially making a significant impact within this segment of the modeling industry.


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