August 18, 2013

SPOCOM Anaheim 2013: Car Culture Girls of the Present and Future


The annual SPOCOM showcase spectacular at the Anaheim Convention Center is one of the most comprehensive manifestations of the popular automotive culture in the United States.  With custom cars of all makes and models proudly showcased upon its show floor along with displays from a variety of aftermarket parts and service providers willing and able to cater to the needs of any modified vehicle, the options for entertainment and information are indeed vast throughout the scope of presentation within the event itself.  After all, the people behind the SPOCOM Anaheim spectacular have always dedicated themselves to creating an experience that is essentially larger than life in order to truly emphasize the significance of their production to both professionals and enthusiasts alike.  With this in mind, the show circuit has always found it pertinent to translate this same grandeur and prestige within the personalities that represent the company upon its show floor, in many ways highlighting their simultaneous emphasis upon the beauty and art that compliments a lifestyle of ingenuity.  Therefore, by consistently inviting many of the import scene’s most promising and accomplished promotional talents to their annual celebration, SPOCOM has also quite effectively positioned itself to provide intriguing insight into the present and future of the dynamic modeling field within its program.

2013 SPOCOM Official Spokesmodel Lounge



Elizabeth Velasquez always glows within a luster of fiery elegance that constantly affords her the admiration of a thrilled live event audience.  SPOCOM Anaheim 2013 would be her first appearance within the scope of the host organization’s official productions though already well recognized as a premier promotional ambassador for the brand since the end of last season.




Bianca Marie is definitely one of the most promising young personalities within the SPOCOM official roster this year, presenting a shimmering charismatic depth and soothing sophisticated style that somehow finds dramatic relevance within even the most crowded and distracting of situations.  It’s a certain sweetness and soothing consistency within her focus that somehow commands the character of a scene or atmosphere, a quality of presence that provides effortless direction towards a composition while never compromising the flowing sensuality that ultimately defines her process.  Talking with her briefly, one can get a sense of her true enthusiasm for the field of modeling, continuing to construct and diversify her professional portfolio while evolving further as a talent within the scene and industry.




Radiantly enchanting in shimmering expressive elegance framed upon passionate sensual poise, Lyna Ly Sparks infuses chic stylistic intrigue within a scene through a fluid intuitive depth characterized in keen aesthetic control.  Such artistry is fundamentally inspired by a level of professionalism and character that has allowed her to succeed within multiple platforms of her field while also led by an understanding of her own aspirations within the industry as it pertains to the creative constructs of her projects and undertakings.  Though well admired as a professional, she is first and foremost a personality who truly connects with the people around her, consistently contributing her unbound graciousness and genuine spirit towards the quality of an experience.  It’s through such charm and class that has essentially driven her continued popularity and relevance within various show circuits throughout California and why she continues to be a beloved series regular upon the show floors of SPOCOM Anaheim.



Arley Elizabeth would provide some additional dimension to the 2013 SPOCOM event experience, effectively alluring the crowds through a refined emotive consistency of focus while also expressing a youthful, energizing vivacity, which can present something quite comically mischievous, at times.  Her eyes just always seem to be telling a story though nobody really knows what it is until she actually does something,  It’s within this unpredictability and spontaneity that truly emphasizes her worth as one of the most enjoyable show floor entertainers within the live showcase circuits today.



Natalie Bee would make a welcomed return to the Southern California event scene during SPOCOM Anaheim, captivating attendees within that serene expressive style and vibrant sensual grace that did much to establish her presence within the industry in 2011.  Now apparently based in Las Vegas, she was still quite happy to reminisce about her fond times in California, especially those days on tour with the NOS Energy Drink girls, which to many fans was not at all that long ago.






Visually stunning in radiant expressive elegance framed upon vivid statuesque allure, Jennifer Irene Gonzalez would mesmerize audiences at SPOCOM Anaheim through the exquisite form and order of her style and presence.



There’s never a dull moment when Elizabeth Tran is present upon a show floor, as she always accentuates the enthusiasm and energy of any moment through the charismatic expressive spirit that thrives within her being.  Though she’s often quite an amusingly figure within a live showcase environment, she does provide her audience with a glimpse into the stylistic depth of her innate talent, effectively conveying passionate emotive drama through the focused expressive tranquility and soothing delicate grace, which defines her visual artistry.  Returning once again for her second consecutive appearance at the SPOCOM Anaheim Super Show, Elizabeth would utilize this variety within her talent to comprehensively entertain and captivate the show’s wandering masses.


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