August 16, 2013

SPOCOM Anaheim 2013: Models Have the Area Surrounded


The annual SPOCOM Super Show extravaganza at the Anaheim Convention Center is definitely one of the largest automotive lifestyle spectaculars in the United States, well adorned in the creativity and passion exemplified within the event’s featured custom car displays, while simultaneously acknowledging the significance of the modeling industry’s presence in the continuing progression of the car culture phenomenon.  It’s because of this respect and honor for a quality of ingenuity and personality that the show circuit has allowed both attractions to share equally within the enthusiasm of its featured stage and show floor programs.  At times, however, the balance tends to shift in one’s perception, depending on what grabs a particular person’s fancy at any given time or moment.  If it isn’t the sea of shimmering modified vehicles, it most definitely has to be about the women.  With SPOCOM’s official spokesmodels stationed all across the show floor with their designated areas multiplied into three official meet-and-greet lounges for this year’s spectacular, the allure would become all the more inescapable, as the thrill of sensuality would pervade within every sense and direction.  Often, within such euphoria comes that question once again.  Is it about the makers or the models?  Well, it’s a bit about both actually, and within this recurring and intriguing conundrum lies the true dimension of the SPOCOM entertainment experience.

2013 SPOCOM Official Spokesmodel Lounge



Christine Zegers would make a surprise appearance at the 2013 SPOCOM Anaheim extravaganza, primarily known in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas for her involvement with the Celebrity and Model Expo glamour circuit.  Soothingly brilliant in adorable expressive elegance formed upon vibrant dynamic control, Christine always captivates through an embracing sensual charisma that effortlessly establishes a quality of warmth and allure within a scene or atmosphere. 



Passionately mesmerizing in smooth expressive radiance defined in charming, delicate style, Christine Tran absolutely illuminated the nearby modified vehicle and custom car displays within the soothing influence of her subtle sensuality.



Lovely Rachelle definitely dazzles through a subtle sensual depth and enticing fluidity of poise that often influences an air of inspiring drama within an event experience.  Matched with an innate brilliance of disposition that bursts unrestrained within the constructs of any scene or moment, Lovely essentially has an ability to take an audience into differing intensities of emotive character, a dimension to her talent that may prove quite complimentary to any concept or narrative within creative photography.





Arika Sato has enjoyed quite a successful 2013 season, having toured the scene as a premier promotional ambassador for the 2Crave luxury wheels brand with the added honor of becoming an official spokesmodel for this SPOCOM Anaheim event extravaganza.  Vibrantly enthralling in shimmering expressive charisma framed upon sleek sophisticated form, Arika always presents a quality of style upon a show floor that brings forth a certain reverence toward order, an emotive construct fundamentally influenced by the stylistic depth of her nature and talent.  Such visual class and character would be further celebrated through the special duties she would be offered within the scheduled programing though, perhaps, an elaboration of such might be better suited within the details of an upcoming coverage segment.





Ashlee Nichole would finally make her long awaited debut upon the show floors of SPOCOM Anaheim after a splendid multi-event tour as one of the brand’s premier promotional spokesmodels in 2013.  Continuing to mesmerize audiences through her radiant expressive vivacity and dainty character of poise, Ashlee would convey a fresh optimism and spirit that would signify the promise of a new generation of import scene stars.




Charmingly vivacious in beaming expressive clarity, Jay Ferrer projects a quality of spirit that instantly lightens the mood within her immediate vicinity.


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