August 21, 2013

SPOCOM Anaheim 2013: HIN City Girls


There exists a fascination of the possibilities within intriguing crossovers that absolutely captivates the imagination of an audience.  For example, comic book fans often preoccupy themselves with scenarios in which DC and Marvel superheroes would effectively coincide within the same storyline.  Likewise, science fiction aficionados may clamor over a certain moment of shared screen time between some famous alien and another popular predator within a single action-packed featured film.  Intricately woven into these concepts and ideas is the prospect of optimized entertainment, essentially celebrating two of the largest brands within the same genre or universe, unified upon a common stage in which to initiate an adventure into a reality where no man has ever gone before within any galaxy far, far away.  However, for import scene fans and enthusiasts, such a journey wouldn’t take them too far away from their comfort zone, as legendary car culture brand Hot Import Nights would head into the Anaheim Convention Center to provide for a new element to the annual SPOCOM Super Show extravaganza via the allure and personality of its HIN City Experience Lounge.  This new featured attraction would be a manifestation of the recently established SPOCOM / HIN Collaboration Tour, which offers to present some of the most gorgeous promotional stars of the HIN brand in direct conjunction with SPOCOM’s already dazzling official spokesmodel roster.  With the combined talent pools of two of the country’s most prestigious automotive lifestyle entities upon one massive show floor, there was really no denying the significance of this particular event within the import and glamour scenes of the modeling industry.

HIN City Experience Lounge


Casey Walsh would make a welcomed return to the Southern California event scene for her first appearance at the SPOCOM Anaheim flagship event, as she continues to progress as a premier promotional talent for Hot Import Nights upon both coasts of the continental United States.  Sensually brilliant in passionate expressive charisma defined in flowing dynamic control, this lovely Florida native can be quite intoxicating through the sheer charm and vivacity of her character, though all the more emotively dramatic within a distinct power and consistency to her style and process.





Visually enticing in seductive expressive focus framed upon vivid sensual style, Gwendolynne Gee has essentially become one of the more prominent figures of the HIN brand, well admired for her approachability and sweetness upon the live show floors, while consistently contributing a quality of charisma and emotive drama within premier automotive showcase environments.  Always keen to the elements of theme, she would embark on a search for that perfect modified vehicle or custom car upon the show floors of SPOCOM Anaheim that truly complimented her style in color coordination.




Victoria Barajas charms through a vibrant expressive clarity that beams in a radiance of genuine character.



Chicly alluring in soothing expressive depth and fluid intuitive grace, Tali Anne Taquiri would present a style, sensuality and confidence that would effectively compliment the spirit of the HIN City experience.



Eva Skye would be found gleefully passing the time at the HIN City Experience lounge.  One could say that she was caught in a bit of a random moment in this photograph, as she hoped to soak up all the enthusiasm within the last few minutes of the show. 


With her at the Hot Import Nights lounge would be an international talent who has been making quite a name for herself in recent years, now currently establishing her presence within the United States through her title as Miss HIN 2013.



Enticingly captivating in shimmering expressive elegance framed upon sophisticated dynamic form, Dannie Riel is definitely one of the most stunning figures upon any show floor, but to fundamentally affect one of the most prestigious automotive festivals in the West Coast through sheer fan traffic is quite telling of a true import scene phenomenon that is sure to further impact the industry in the future.  For those in the United States with no prior live contact with the Canada based superstar, her YouTube video channel would prove to be the primary option in which to obtain insight into the nature of her talent, one essentially characterized in a composed and coherent style of genuine self-expression, which is intriguingly inviting while professionally toned as to inspire interest amongst a diverse audience.  Even within the silliness that may arise from her life’s recorded adventures, there’s a certain continuity and comic timing to her presentation that could definitely find relevance within the field of entertainment correspondence.  What revealed the most about Dannie, however, would be contained within some footage of her Make A Wish event in Portland, where she would ultimately turn the focus towards her beloved fans, effectively conveying her primary motivation and purpose.


At the SPOCOM and HIN joint production in Anaheim, the expression of mutual affection between Dannie Riel and her fans was in many ways quite intriguing.  It would be witnessed within the camaraderie and spirit she offered to every individual waiting on souvenir signings.  It would be exemplified within her voiced defiance towards authority who would attempt to block her most loyal fans from experiencing that long awaited meeting.  It would even be reciprocated within the enthusiasm of a mother presenting her teenage daughter for that first face-to-face greeting.  Within a scene that recognizes the significance of personality as a defining quality, she represents a style of celebrity that is all the more inspiring.




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