August 24, 2013

2Crave Open House 2013: These Girls Know How To Party

The most intriguing aspect of covering the modeling industry is witnessing the progression of talent within their fields of interest, as they effectively expand upon their art form to include a keen sense of the business behind the glamour.  With that said, upon receiving details on a certain superstar’s latest project, there wasn’t really any need to think about it any further.  After all, only good things can arise from the unified presence of a three-time pageant champion and one of the automotive scene’s most dominant luxury wheel brands.  Indeed, Raquel Estrella would effectively showcase her value as a primary marketing coordinator for 2Crave Wheels during the company’s sixth annual open house event in La Mirada, California.  While Raquel would spend most of the time behind the scenes during this particular occasion, much of her spirit would be well exemplified within the quality of production, fundamentally characterized by a vibrancy of personality and performance that would essentially educate all those upon show floor about the true essence of celebration.  It’s within the energizing sensuality and direction of the promotional realm’s hottest on-stage entertainers, which would prove significant to the establishment of the vibe within the atmosphere.  Such would emphasize the level of enthusiasm within the 2Crave team itself, while simultaneously highlighting a genuine appreciation towards the brand within the car culture enthusiast community.  With the shimmering concepts and designs of the 2Crave product line on full display alongside some of the hottest custom cars and modified vehicles in the state, the ladies of the import scene would help present yet another sensory smorgasbord for the spectators’ viewing pleasure, all the while recognizing that continuing affection towards crafted excellence and ingenuity that has defined the 2Crave trademark and name.



Charmingly radiant in soothing expressive clarity defined in vibrant dynamic form, Suemomo would captivate audiences through the pure charisma of her showmanship as one of the first scheduled performers on stage during the 2Crave Open House event in La Mirada, California.






Kayla Rae Valentine enchants through a shimmering expressive vivacity embraced within smooth sensual grace.  Such quality of presence distinctly establishes a unique depth of elegance within an allure for passion, in a way alluding to the themes that resonate from the mere mention of her last name.




Nelly Chavez enraptures through a vivid expressive depth and flowing enticing style that emotively intrigues in sheer penetrating seduction.




Ashley Malia is well known for her smooth style and aesthetic grace upon the major show floors, ever so dazzling through a serene depth of focus and intuitive passionate poise that breathes a quality of drama upon a specific atmosphere.  It’s a certain stylistic subtlety to her disposition that basks in the allure of seductive mystery, quite spellbinding within the consistency of emotive intrigue and romance she effortlessly sustains upon any environment.  During the 2Crave Open House in La Mirada, she would effectively contribute some of that trademark sensuality towards the the featured custom car and modified vehicle displays within the company’s warehouse.

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