August 20, 2013

SPOCOM Anaheim 2013: Bikini Girls on the Main Stage


Interestingly enough, one of the most celebrated segments of the SPOCOM Anaheim showcase extravaganza doesn’t seem to actually pertain to the concept or design of custom cars and modified vehicles.  No one seems to have a complaint, however, as year after year, the most alluring figures within the import and glamour scenes have been known to contribute their personalities and ambitions upon the event’s featured main stage to compete in what has become a tradition within the popular car culture festival, namely the annual SPOCOM Anaheim Bikini Contest.  Though primarily organized for the entertainment of fans and enthusiasts in attendance, the competition has in a ways become a litmus test for aspiring talent in moving towards that next step within their young careers.  With established personalities like Alexia Cortez, Maya Michelle Rew, and Raquel Estrella recognized as top contenders of the segment in previous years, there is adequate evidence to suggest that a fine performance upon this premier platform brings with it a certain level of recognition from the automotive industry in general.  This year’s pageant roster would be composed of a whole new cast of enthusiastic hopefuls, however, providing even more suspense as to who would effectively step up and rise from amongst the rest as potentially the next big thing in promotional modeling.


2013 SPOCOM Bikini Competition – The Contest

Arika Sato would effectively conduct the hosting duties for the 2013 SPOCOM Bikini Contest, a featured position in the production that would highlight her encompassing expertise as a show circuit favorite, television personality and online video blogger.
Christine Tran would officially start the competition as the first contender on stage during SPOCOM’s premier entertainment segment.
Brandi Renee seemed well prepared for the summer months in Southern California, presenting one of the more magnificent figures of the SPOCOM Bikini Contest competition.
Suemomo headed onto the stage looking all cool with her lollipop handy during the contest proceedings.
It was only proper that the gorgeous Elizabeth Velasquez would be a featured contestant at this year’s SPOCOM Anaheim Bikini Contest, as she has been an admired promotional personality for the entertainment brand within several major show circuits throughout the recent months.
Noemii J would make a splendid return to the major showcase circuits with a surprise appearance at this year’s bikini competition.
Janis True would appeal to the crowds of SPOCOM Anaheim, presenting what would appear to be her rendition of the Cammy victory pose for all those Street Fighter aficionados in the crowd. 
Diamond Zaang (left) would prepare for the lineup rounds of the SPOCOM bikini competition, showcasing her sensual style and character in an effort to charm the crowds towards her favor.
Host Arika Sato would conduct a few brief Q & A sessions with the ladies before presenting each contestant one last time for the audience’s final decision.

2013 SPOCOM Bikini Competition – The Results

Third Place, 2nd Runner-Up
Elizabeth Velasquez
2nd Place, First Runner-Up
Amber Grace
First Place, Winner
Noemii J



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