July 21, 2013

LA Calendar Motorcycle Show 2013: The Queen Mary and the Girls


There’s something about the Long Beach Queen Mary entertainment center that absolutely inspires in stunning aesthetic quality.  There’s a certain immaculate glow within the atmosphere that warms in a pristine order and class that sets it apart as a place of natural wonder, while also recognized as a cherished monument of a bygone golden age in American history.  Such are significant facets to this particular scene and environment, which effectively transcend time and occasion, often infusing a distinct spirit of optimism within every person who happens to make a visit upon its grounds.  The LA Calendar Motorcycle Show has always been influenced by such majesty and brilliance, consistently translating the scene’s natural charisma within the passion, dedication and workmanship that defines an international motorcycle lifestyle community.  And within this celebration of the crafts that inspire them all, many would feel the joy and pride of the showcase presenters themselves upon witnessing their own creations illuminated within that unique West Coast vibrancy and flavor.  Such would be all the more reflected within the character and personalities of their official promotional brand ambassadors, who through their enthusiasm would further drive the interest and fascination amongst event attendees towards their specific brand named displays and products.

Gasser Customs


Gasser Customs reemphasizes the glory within the conception of the vintage motorcycle through its award winning style in custom craftsmanship and detail.



Lisa Ciara allures within an elegant expressive depth framed upon vivacious dynamic poise.  She just affects this subtle sensuality and charisma within a scene, effortlessly charming through an energizing quality of grace and embracing professionalism.  All are factors that tell much of her value upon any major promotional show floor while also indicative of her talent and refinement as an artist within film and television.


This “Silver Bullet” modeled by Lisa would eventually win the Classic Metric / European Class competition at this year’s LA Calendar Motorcycle Show.



Ducati / Triumph Motorcycles

Ducati is world renowned for its innovative racing-inspired motorcycle designs, which promises to optimize a riding experience through impeccable style and unmatched performance.


Triumph Motorcycles dedicates itself to producing a quality manufactured motorcycle line, tested extensively for maximum efficiency within purpose while inspired by a passion for reliable performance.



With two of the most prestigious developers of the motorcycle industry upon common ground, it was expected that the companies would feature something quite special within their joint show floor presentation at the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show.  Such would manifest through the presence of Grace Larrabee (above) and Brittany Rodarte (below), who would essentially exemplify the active California summertime culture through their own beaming spirit and enthusiasm for adventure.




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