July 20, 2013

LA Calendar Motorcycle Show 2013: Grounds Report

Not many venues along the Southern California coastline effectively combines the allure of scenic majesty with a depth of historical significance quite like the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.  For around eighty years, the famed ocean liner has essentially witnessed the progression of Western Society from the time of its inception as a symbol of lavish luxury and prestige to its days distinguished in honor as a maritime asset during the World War II conflict.  Even as flight technology would eventually supplant the famous vessel’s viability within this modern age of travel, it’s influence in contributing to memorable events in the human experience is still quite undeniable to this day, constantly fostering celebrations of art and performance through its established role as a premier event center to encourage the growth of new popular trends and spectacles within the realms of live entertainment.  One such tradition involves the vibrant motorcycle enthusiast community and its annual gatherings upon the venue for the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show live spectacular.  Known as one of the longest running yearly summer extravaganzas at the Queen Mary, the event series has a reputation for inviting some of the scene’s top builders and brands upon a festive, one-of-a-kind show floor, giving enthusiasts a chance to see their culture come to life through the exemplified creativity and ingenuity that defines their passion.  Complimenting the spirit of this lifestyle celebration has always been some of the most unique and exclusive promotional personalities within the region, many of whom aren’t necessarily recognized within the local show circuits though very much representative of the diversity inherent within the field as a whole.  Their charm and character alongside the witnessed stylistic feats within motorcycle craftsmanship and manufacturing has always made the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show the premier outdoor motorcycle showcase event in Southern California, a status and reputation that continues to stand the test of time to the present day.

General Show Floor

The 2013 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show would be held upon the grounds of the Queen Mary’s Seawalk Village, directly adjacent to the famed vessel for which the land is christened for.  A majority of the vendors would station themselves throughout the central expanse of the area within a simple, traditional rowed showcase format while the larger displays would take full advantage of the lush patches of landscape around the edges to add pristine quality to their displays and setups.  Assimilated within this floor format would be the lovely ladies of the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show, some of whom would have such an active involvement in the course of the proceedings that they essentially highlighted particular facets of the event structure and program through their own talent and persona.  The following are some of those memorable points of interest from this year’s motorcycle show extravaganza.
Calendar Kittens Beautiful Bike Builders
The event spectacular often enlists the assistance of a fine cast of distinctly uniformed promotional professionals to help coordinate the proceedings of the scheduled program, all of whom collectively represent a promising roster of talent active within the glamour and pinup realms of the modeling industry.
There are people who build motorcycles and those who also look good doing it.  The LA Calendar Motorcycle Show always infuses a unique dynamic upon their show floors, presenting some of the most beautiful female bike builders of the motorcycle scene to add a welcome touch of sensuality to the featured customized creations and displays of the day.
Main Stage Performers
The LA Calendar Motorcycle Show has always expressed a deep appreciation and affection towards the contributions of talented artists and musicians in setting the tempo of their annual event extravaganza.  Once again, event organizers would feature some of the hottest acts within the region to emphasize the prestige and significance of the enthusiast celebration.

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