July 22, 2013

LA Calendar Motorcycle Show 2013: AFT Customs Models and Builders


There’s something quite enticing about women who can “do it themselves,” so to speak.  It’s that captivating visual of the hands-on kind of lady who knows her way through all the grit and hardware, a fascination that has allowed female race car drivers and MMA fighters to effectively steal the spotlight from their male counterparts.  Intricately woven into this media fascination is the spirit and significance they represent to a broad based community.  After all, what can be more attractive to a man than a beautiful girl that absolutely enjoys what he loves to do?  For women, what can possibly be more inspiring than to see people like themselves accomplishing such amazing feats?  It’s through such comprehensive influence that allows multitalented female figures to effectively create a more unifying image of a specific scene or industry.  Within the motorcycle showcase circuits, the modeling talents of AFT Customs have done much to promote their brand and culture to an ever expanding audience, presenting an allure that visually compliments the style and conception of their company’s featured creations while also illuminated in the accolades and titles earned through their innate technical prowess and dedication towards craftsmanship.  Continuing in their summertime tradition of presenting their finest works upon the luxurious Queen Mary event grounds, AFT Customs would once again dazzle as a full spectrum sensory experience within the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show in Long Beach.




Many might still remember Nalani Pacheco representing AFT Customs from the very same spot two years ago, while debuting her award winning motorcycle “Sentoh” to the audiences of the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show.  Returning once again with her pride and joy, she would deliver that same mesmerizing brilliance and jovial charisma that made her an event favorite in 2011.







Shelby Thompson brings more than five years of custom bike building experience to the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show, while also mesmerizing as one of the most charming and professional spokesmodels within the AFT Customs talent roster. 



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