July 23, 2013

LA Calendar Motorcycle Show 2013: Fast Dates with Inspiring Models

While the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show has always been regarded as one of the most dazzling outdoor motorcycle showcase spectaculars in Southern California, its character and image has also been significantly defined by a strong model industry presence.  Besides the company specific promotional figures that frequent the grounds with presenting vendors, the production itself often introduces its own unique mix of premier event personalities upon the show floor, talented figures who comprise the current and upcoming figures of the Fast Dates Motorcycle Pinup Calendar series.  Throughout the years, these aptly named “Calendar Kittens” have exemplified the promise and potential inherent within the current glamour scenes of the field, effectively spicing up the summertime atmosphere along the glamorous coastlines of Long Beach for well over a decade.  This year, however, would present even further depth to the position, as the show would welcome a known live event circuit favorite and a multitalented performer within the ranks of this season’s official roster.  Together, their combined ability and star power would make this year’s LA Calendar Motorcycle Show one of those summer events to cherish and remember.


For media participants and vendors, Jessica Harbour would definitely provide for that ideal sense of welcome upon the official event grounds of the 2013 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show, offering some smiles and pleasant conversation while coordinating the majority of registrations throughout the initial hours of the day.  While many talented promotional personalities have found recognition within the realms of the import and car showcase circuits, Jessica has likewise done the same within the various motorcycle scenes in Southern California, well admired for her contributions as an on-floor promotional specialist and grid girl within premier productions such as the International Motorcycle Show and AMA Supercross.  Now, as a featured personality for the Fast Dates Calendar series, Jessica has effectively established herself within every mainstream manifestation of the motorcycle culture in the region.  With that said, it’s quite easy to see why.  Enchantingly radiant in shimmering expressive elegance framed upon charismatic statuesque grace, Jessica conveys a boundless optimism and style that utterly influences the character and mood of any moment.  There’s just a pristine refinement to her disposition that mesmerizes within the constructs of keen aesthetic intuition, a dimension to her talent that transcends time and theme to establish a simple yet defining element of inspiring beauty.



Sara H. mesmerizes through a chic expressive vivacity and delicate, dynamic form that brilliantly enriches a scene in immersing sensual drama.  She just exudes a stylistic tranquility of order that imposes potent yet subtle depth within focused consistency, a trait all the more illuminated by a purity of charisma and character that beams naturally from within her being.


Sara’s innate appeal is fundamentally defined in her true versatility as an artist.  Performing live at the 2013 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show, she would guide audiences through a musical sentimental journey, characterized in sustained vocal melodies and soothing acoustics that resonated within the meaning and gravity of love, loss and passion.  It’s a style that somehow echoes the depths within the human experience, penetrating in the soothing consistency of sound and memory, upon which haunting nostalgia finds no recourse but to present itself within even the most festive of occasions.  Fluent in the art of the emotive narrative, Sara’s performance absolutely inspired through a penetrating dramatic clarity, essentially setting the tone for the proceedings on the scheduled stage program.

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