July 4, 2013

AutoCon Los Angeles 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Bianca Marie


The 2013 AutoCon LA extravaganza would provide a vibrant, fresh experience for many fans and enthusiasts to enjoy and appreciate.  The brilliant first day of June would bring with it the excitement for the American summertime cultural phenomenon, as the vacationing, fun-loving masses would proceed onto the event show floor to entertain their passions for automotive style and ingenuity upon a festive, energizing atmosphere.  With a similar understanding of the occasion, companies would be aware of the opportunity to showcase their wares to a more expansive audience, prompting them to release new and improved designs, products and implementations to effectively dazzle an audience eager for some new flavor.  For the modeling industry, the arrival of the summer months brings additional significance through the depth and variety of opportunities presented within this particular time of the year.  It’s through such potential for professional exposure that new talents emerge to take the spotlight within these arenas of live showcase entertainment in an effort to find a steady foothold within the highly competitive field.  Well embraced by the prestige of the SPOCOM brand, Bianca Marie would be one of those aspiring beauties who would effectively declare their presence within the scene during the course of the AutoCon Los Angeles event, highlighting the enthusiasm and promise inherent within this emerging era of the import modeling industry.




Bianca Marie mesmerizes through a radiant expressive charisma and scintillating passionate depth that truly accentuates a talent well adept at delivering a full spectrum of emotive influence and drama within any given situation.  It’s this charming vivacity and fiery elegance, which truly finds complimentary significance within the fluid grace and dynamic control for her intuitive creative process. 

During the AutoCon LA event spectacular, she would express her excitement for being a part of the SPOCOM promotional tour this season with further hopes of expanding her horizons in the future by building her portfolio as she gains more knowledge and experience within the industry.  The seeds of success are definitely present within the glamour and style she readily projects with consistency.  How she evolves and grows from this point of her career may be something quite intriguing to look at within the next chapters of her story.


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