July 3, 2013

AutoCon Los Angeles 2013: SPOCOM’s New Model Lineup


The SPOCOM brand has been a consistent presence within the Southern California show circuits this season, having launched an aggressive live event campaign tour at the beginning of the year to promote their upcoming SPOCOM Anaheim super show, set to occur at the Anaheim Convention Center on July 13th, 2013.  Commended by both industry professionals and fans as one of the premier automotive showcase competitions of the region, it is also well respected for providing one of most comprehensive experiences of the import and glamour modeling scenes in the nation.  With AutoCon LA poised to be the last major car culture extravaganza in the area before the 2013 debut of their own production, the coordinators of SPOCOM would give audiences at Santa Anita Park a special preview of some of the hottest young personalities hoping to propel themselves into mass recognition.  Having built a reputation for establishing stars within a modeling sector especially dense with talent, SPOCOM and its multiple event  promotional tour would certainly provide these lovely newcomers with a fine advantage.



Charmingly energizing in vibrant expressive clarity embraced in delicate, charismatic control, Ashlee Nichole truly personifies the genuine dynamic spirit that characterizes the West Coast style of living.  Thus, SPOCOM would entrust Ashlee with the exclusive duty of grounds ambassador at AutoCon LA, effectively navigating the entire show floor while informing interested spectators of the brand’s upcoming show spectacular in the following month.  Such would explain the various settings and sights contained within each of her photos in this coverage segment.  No matter where someone was during any particular time of the event, there was a high probability that he or she would find Ashlee happily spreading some good vibes within the immediate vicinity. 




Brie Williams dazzles with a smooth expressive elegance accentuated in flowing sensual style.  She just projects a certain emotive depth within soothing focus and consistency that infuses enticing character and attitude within the atmosphere.  Such stylistic quality is all the more magnified by the constructs of her dramatic instinct and poise, which intricately define her innate creative process.  Even though AutoCon LA would be her first major appearance within the live automotive showcase scenes, Brie truly showed some great potential for further progress within this sector of the industry.




Chicly alluring in soothing sensual grace framed upon shimmering sophisticated poise, Coco Lee enlightens a scene through a depth of style and serenity that manifests in such haunting aesthetic majesty as to affect potent inspiring passion upon any atmosphere.  She just presents effortless emotive dimension within such subtle economy of intent within expression that tells much of her innate class and talent for influencing the nature and theme of a composition.  As yet another fresh new face to the SPOCOM promotional roster for AutoCon LA 2013, Coco would essentially prove herself as a valuable brand representative upon a major car culture show floor, while effectively making a case for herself as one of the most elegant newcomers to the scene this year.


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