July 2, 2013

AutoCon Los Angeles 2013: Women of the Car Culture


Enthusiasts define the car culture experience not only within a passion for ingenuity, style and creativity.  They also relate a strong sense of community within everything they do in regards to the scene.  Therefore, the concept of continual and mutual collaboration is often exemplified within the various automotive showcase circuits, as creative minds gather to enjoy sunny days with their crews while also finding a common appreciation for other participants of the community.  Through this interconnected chain of support, the nature of the lifestyle becomes quite apparent, one very much focused on the business at hand yet aware enough to know the underlying spirit behind the culture.  The automotive showcase phenomenon is fundamentally a celebration about living.  Thus, the promotional talents that frequent this specific scene tend to be some of the most energizing and engaging personalities in the industry, always bringing something a bit whimsical, unpredictable and fresh towards an experience.  It’s these women of the car culture who provide an element of surprise and drama upon a show floor and effectively influence a continued affection for event extravaganzas like the annual AutoCon LA event in Arcadia, California.


Limitless Society

Limitless Society highlights the spirit of camaraderie and unbound ambition inherent within the car culture community via their various dedicated marketing resources and talent.


Soothingly radiant in charming expressive serenity framed upon flowing delicate poise, Ellie Roxx always delivers such sweet emotive quality within a scene or composition, exhibiting an effortless grace that infuses a certain mesmerizing calm to her surroundings.  Such is further accentuated by a beaming charisma that warms in youthful, refreshing vibrancy, a quality that truly compliments the optimism and spirit of a fun-loving enthusiast community.  At AutoCon LA 2013, she would effectively showcase some of that inspiring talent, creating some memorable moments for fans at the Limitless Society booth display.







Amy Ames returns for her second appearance upon the grounds of Santa Anita Park for AutoCon LA 2013.  Vividly enrapturing in seductive expressive depth defined in passionate dynamic form, Amy conveys penetrating sensuality through a smooth consistency of focus that magnifies the enamoring allure of her creative style and process.  It’s within this subtle potency of character, which often makes her presence the visual focal point of any particular occasion and why she was one of the few debuting talents to capture an import scene pageant title in 2012.


Hollux Industries

Hollux Industries is an expression of affection for the automotive lifestyle, reflected within a clothing line that effectively represents such style and passion on an everyday basis.


Kaycee Tran is quite the humorist upon a live event show floor, always offering a few good laughs with some well placed antics to animate the course of any day.  Complimenting her value as a spirited entertainer is a natural instinct for defining a moment within her own sensuality, exhibiting an enticing depth of poise and control, which further illuminates the thrill of an active summer atmosphere. 


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