July 15, 2013

AutoCon Los Angeles 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Marissa Hiroko


Style is more than just a conscious decision of one’s preference towards accessories and clothing.  It’s often an ingrained attitude and perception of living.  Such resonates within the character of speech, as well as the poise, in which one conducts themselves.  Because of its encompassing significance within the spirit of every being, the concept of style takes a prominent position in conveying the worth and stature of an individual, and, therefore, becomes a primary factor of success within the realms of professional modeling.  When little was known about Marissa Hiroko during the early months of her breakout year in 2012, there was at least a strong consensus amongst fans and professionals in regards to her talent.  This girl definitely had style.  As the year progressed, she would essentially prove her worth as one of the import scene’s true artists, possessing the visual frame and creative sense that would effectively distinguish her as a unique figure within this segment of the industry.  Continuing her fine form into the 2013 season, she would eventually make her way upon the grounds of AutoCon LA 2013, creating more inspiring moments for attendees while representing the Heavy Hitters Magazine brand throughout the course of the show.


Marissa Hiroko is a talent with a keen instinct and understanding for the thematic constructs of a situation and environment, effortlessly fluid in her process of discovering those complimentary elements within a shoot that will provide for the most emotive impact.  Even through all the distractions of the scene at AutoCon, she is still able to channel a focused message through the stylistic expressive depth and statuesque control inherent within her creative character, effectively influencing the mood of the moment through mesmerizing serene order.  Within those instances of refined tranquility lies the intrigue of aesthetic interpretation and the pristine radiance that flows with it through the similar, simple unison of a gentle breeze upon fabric.  It’s within this cohesion with imposing forces that defines her talent as a great asset within the genres of photographic art and designer fashion.





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