May 5, 2013

Formula Drift Long Beach 2013: Promo Girls Everywhere


As the season opening spectacular of a prestigious sports circuit that attracts the best drifters from all around the world, the Formula Drift Round One event in Long Beach truly has the potential to inspire and entertain an international audience.  Vendors participating in the event often notice a unique opportunity to showcase their own sense of individualism and identity, hoping to capture the affection of the diverse crowds from numerous opposing brands and differing attractions active around their immediate vicinity.  It’s true that they often find their unique voice within the concept and theme of their booth displays, but such is also well influenced by the character and expression of their live representation.  Depending on the look, style, or attitude they would be attempting to convey toward a mass audience, various organizations around the grounds would utilize the talents of modeling industry professionals from various scenes, genres and specialties to provide unique insight into their company culture and brand.



Tirecrazy is a Southern California based online retailer dedicated to providing an extensive selection of vehicular tires and wheels at discounted prices.





Passionately inspiring in brilliant expressive order framed upon stunning dynamicity of form, Kirsty Lingman captivates with a smooth embracing charisma that is innately elegant in quality while emotively penetrating in focus.  It’s this cohesion of impeccable warmth and intoxicating force within her character that could easily find admiration upon any premier pageantry stage or glamour publication, a stylistic duality that tells much of her thematic versatility within any construct of composition.  Perhaps, her talent even goes further as to allude to the varied methods of her own self-expression, as she has often steps behind the camera herself as a dedicated music scene photographer.


OMG Drift

OMG Drift is a online news site detailing the latest happenings within the drifting lifestyle and culture.


Ashley Clark always charms with an immaculate expressive vibrancy that is just so pure in expressive content and character that one can’t help but become a bit giddy within the scintillating brilliance of her presence.  Such visual quality is all the more emphasized by the graciousness of her character within a live event environment, always quick to acknowledge others and initiate interactions with her immediate audience through natural grace and class.  In many ways, she’s a woman of the masses, well respected by the automotive scene that continues to appreciate her presence within a majority of its big venue events. 


Just Share It

Just Share It is an innovative concept that links neighbors through a common online interface that effectively allows them to rent each other’s vehicles for certain periods of time at specified pricing rates.


Shimmering in elegantly energizing vivacity, Arley Elizabeth is one of the most enthrallingly entertaining personalities of the automotive scene today.  She always infuses unique flavor and enthusiasm into any situation through a creative spontaneity that often intrigues an audience within amusing adorability.  As a modeling talent, Arley is also a passionate expressive artist, having an innate ability to influence immersing emotive power within the smooth control and depth of her visual character.  She brings a certain stylistic unpredictability that spans the full spectrum of perceivable sensual expression, which makes her as visually exciting as she is personally invigorating.







Lux mesmerizes with an enticing sensual brilliance that is visually inspiring through the power of pure expressive integrity and character.   There’s a richness and depth to her presence that breathes charismatic allure into the immediate environment, effectively encompassing the effects of any range of expression within the simple gesture of a smile.


Silk Road Auto




Visually intoxicating in serene expressive style formed upon soothing delicate poise, Shauvon Pham conducts herself with a sweetness and grace that intricately affect the mood and character of an environment in haunting visual majesty.  She just infuses such fluid emotive depth within subtlety, which spellbinds through an innate consistency of quality.


GSR Autosport

GSR Autosport is a company that actively supports and honors the BMW and Porsche enthusiast communities by dedicating itself to the professional service and maintenance of their cherished vehicles, while actively involving themselves within the realm of competitive track sports.

Playboy model and personality Ali Rose visually enticed with a sweet expressive elegance, characterized by an innate vivacity and spirit, which absolutely illuminated the scene.  Such refreshing charisma effectively assisted in the demand and mass distribution of GSR Autosport's lanyards during the event.


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