May 6, 2013

Formula Drift Long Beach 2013: The NOS Girls Bring the Energy

NOS Energy Drink is a leading producer of energy-boosting beverage products, driven by a strong passion for high performance and adventure, a brand culture well exemplified through its various partnerships and sponsorships within the motorsports world today.  The company has developed a solid history with the Formula Drift series over the past few years, effectively becoming one the circuit’s most recognized and beloved brands within its category.  The major factor of their success has always been their dedicated service toward the fans.  People could be struggling under scorching, unbearable conditions or seemingly dazed within a sensory stupor from the gloom and chill of the uncooperative weather.  There’s often been one obvious solution for all these situations and circumstances.  They just have to get one of those free NOS Energy Drink product samples.  The best method to achieve such a task has always been to ask the nearest attending NOS Girls within the vicinity, many of whom would do much to refresh and reinvigorate moods already through the pure charm and charisma they so often contribute toward the overall event experience.



Brittani Paige continues her rise as a popular live event promotional star, effectively expanding her resume to include powerhouse brand NOS Energy Drink during this year’s Formula Drift event in Long Beach.  Spiritedly entertaining through embracing vivacity and charisma, it’s hard to imagine any other young talent today who compliments so completely this pure burst of energy that the NOS acronym fundamentally signifies.  She presents something so raw and jovially genuine that just encourages one to interact freely within a minimum of formalities, consequently captivating audiences within the comic flow and intuitive processes of her unique and adorable character.  Brittani just meshes with the thrill and excitement of the occasion.





Shanna Lowder just exudes intoxicating dramatic style, defined in vivid expressive depth framed upon chic sensual control.  There’s just a certain stylistic luster about her manner that is emotively penetrating while aesthetically fascinating through a boldness of character within focus that mimics the refined power and passion often portrayed upon the pages of leading fashion and style publications.  Accentuating all this talent is a playfully demonstrative spirit and enthusiasm that allows her to fully relate and converse with a mass audience upon any show floor.  Such dimension can only afford her more exciting professional opportunities in the future.





Natalia Marie always delivers immersing expressive brilliance towards any scene or situation, utterly mesmerizing an audience through potent glamorous order, which just inspires in pristine, beaming elegance.  Such captivating grace is further illuminated within a refreshing, dynamic spirit, which often treats fans to the character and depth of her improvisational variety and showmanship, effectively exemplifying her talent as a true live events entertainer.  It’s through these qualities that she has enjoyed continuous exposure under the NOS Energy Drink banner within various show circuits in recent years.  To date, she is the only active NOS Energy Drink girl to have represented the company during all of its Southern California Formula Drift appearances for three consecutive seasons.




Julie Mai conveys such shimmering sweet adorability into an atmosphere, the effect of which is well magnified through an innate vivacious depth inherent within her character and poise.  It’s within this union of scintillating focus and form that has earned her much recognition as an admired promotional figure for the NOS Energy Drink brand in recent seasons.


As a gesture of appreciation towards the fans and photographers that have supported her journey within the industry throughout the years, Julie decided to try things behind the camera for once, eager to experience a little of the spectacle of Formula Drift Long Beach from their point of view.




Jacqueline C. (above) has been a constant presence within the NOS Energy Drink booths ever since the beginning of the 2012 season.  Joined at her station by brand new NOS talent Lisa N. (below), their combined charm and enthusiasm would do much to assist in creating a fond lasting impression towards this year’s NOS Energy Drink promotional team. 

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