May 7, 2013

Formula Drift Long Beach 2013: Driven Women for Drive M7


Drive M7 is more than a reference to a particular profession, service or passion but could in a way ask that one all important question.  What drives someone to reach for something greater?  Perhaps, it was through this same internal exploration that inspired a company like M7 Japan to create its own fine line of high quality automotive parts, an effort nurtured through dedication and will to develop purpose from knowhow and a reality from an idea.  Such examination is a part of the common processes of living, and so, its only natural for concepts and formulas to expand into different avenues and modes of implementation.  This progression is well exemplified by M7 Japan’s development of the Drive M7 energy drink products, a new take on their emphasis upon action-packed performance, now effectively translated towards the efficiency of the human body.  Upon the Streets of Long Beach, the M7 team would present their official beverage brand to the public once again to ask that same question to those aspiring superstars of the future who where at the moment enjoying with their friends and family upon the grounds of the 2013 Formula Drift season opener.  A duo of promising young talents who have shown their drive within the highly competitive industry of modeling would effectively act as visual aids to the overall message of the brand, conveying in their own ways its fundamental, underlying theme to a captivated mass audience.





Raquel Estrella has truly been one of the most driven live event pageant personalities in recent seasons, having captured three major titles within the 2012 show season alone.  Vivaciously alluring in brilliant seductive depth defined in vivid dynamic form, she utterly captivates within a visual character that is so spiritedly charismatic and sensually embracing that crowds tend to become helpless to do anything but applause her showmanship.  Raquel just lives to entertain and loves to interact.  It’s these qualities that have ingratiated her with such a broad-based audience during her young career, effectively encouraging her to take on new challenges in her journey within the industry, hoping to utilize this growing fan base to infiltrate various platforms within printed and televised entertainment.  She especially expressed enthusiasm for a plan to launch her official website in the near future, a project very near and dear to her heart for how it can optimize her ability to share her love and appreciation towards her fans.  The wheels of promise seem to be turning for this talented young star, and she’s definitely in the driver’s seat.







Charmingly appealing in sweet pristine radiance formed upon chic statuesque poise, Amanda Kerr mesmerizes through pure energizing adorability, which is inspiringly vibrant in expressive character while emotively moving in dramatic style and posture.  She just conducts herself with a certain grace within movement and control that intrigues in aesthetic visual quality and scintillating sensuality.  To date, she’s interpreted her encompassing talent into various scenes and genres within the modeling industry.  Though primarily recognized for her contributions within automotive themed environments, she’s also been an active participant in various designer fashion productions at premier lounges around the Southern California region while most notably being featured within a multi-brand fashion segment at one of the 2013 season’s premier import tuner events in Fontana, California.  Her drive to expand her experience within the full scope of her profession has already made her one of the most visible personalities of the 2013 season.  Her new association with an emerging brand like Drive M7 could very well be just the beginning for this ever evolving talent.



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