May 8, 2013

Formula Drift Long Beach 2013: Performance Parts and Models Stealing Hearts


There are many things that go into creating an effective, finely tuned competitive sports vehicle, as certain systems have to be in place to sustain optimal performance at all times.  For example, efficient cooling mechanisms need to be in place to compensate for the excessive strain and inertia due to continuous, non-stop action, while reliable powertrain systems are necessary to effectively distribute energy and force into those essential components of operation.  In many ways, these automotive engineering concepts find organizational significance through the activities and processes observed within a Formula Drift live event atmosphere.  While the track may provide for the highly anticipated featured attractions, intermissions in action often leave fans wandering in search for different forms of diversion, and so the event has to effectively shift gears in a way as to keep the overall energy and enthusiasm of the environment at an adequate level to prepare the audience for the upcoming featured segments of competition.  Similar to the way those necessary parts and components keep a vehicle operating, live event personalities and brand ambassadors do much to keep the cycle of entertainment flowing and functioning in order to make the event experience in its entirety enjoyable for everyone involved.


Mishimoto is a leading developer of highly adaptable vehicular cooling components and upgrades, which effectively maximize engine performance during even the most strenuous of conditions.

Big Abe is fondly known as the most popular male promotional personality within the automotive scene today with this appearance under the the Mishimoto banner marking his second consecutive year as an official representative for a major presenting brand at Formula Drift Long Beach.







Joining Abe at the Mishimoto booth at the event would be the gorgeous Nikita Esco.  Visually enticing through shimmering expressive elegance formed upon intuitive sensual poise, she always infuses a depth of passionate sophistication into an atmosphere. which often charms through an energizing charisma that potently seduces in delicate emotive allure.



The lovely Gina Darling (left) was eager to reconnect with Nikita and Abe during the Formula Drift Long Beach event, having shared with them in the recent experience of being featured as main cast members on the upcoming import scene reality show “Roll Models.”




To the curiosity of many, a significant line quickly formed in front of the Mishimoto booth though such wonder was short-lived upon the realization that the beautiful Holly Lee was effectively conducting promotional duties for the brand during the event.  Sweetly enchanting in serene expressive brilliance framed upon flowing enrapturing grace, this dazzling talent always illuminates a moment within the sheer quality of her character.  It’s this emotive purity and integrity within her disposition that is just stylistically intriguing in beaming optimistic spirit.  Such has always contributed to her amassed fame and popularity within the most celebrated events within the automotive showcase and competitive sports scenes.




Exedy is dedicated to the quality engineering and development of innovative clutch and powertrain components suited for any level of high performance activity.


Sarah Sevy charms with an immersing expressive radiance, characterized by a soothing consistency of depth within focus that breathes passion within the subtle enticing style inherent within her nature.




Aesthetically captivating through brilliant expressive depth matched upon scintillatingly statuesque form, Desta Graham has an ability to instill such inspiring emotive grace into a composition or atmosphere, a talent well defined within a rich visual luster empowered by chic penetrating control.  It’s this soothing tranquility within character of focus that many might find quite intriguing within the catwalks of any premier fashion special events showcase.


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