June 8, 2013

Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2013: Women of Sophistication


The Extreme Autofest event series has always provided automotive enthusiasts with a unique opportunity of expressing their passions within a vibrant Southern California summertime environment.  Such has influenced a less formalized interpretation of a big venue automotive showcase extravaganza, essentially emulating the grassroots character of community functions and meets popular within the region, albeit much more grandiose in scope with expansive capacity for features.  Even with this casual and dynamic vibe predominant upon the Extreme Autofest show grounds, there were still elements to the experience that represented a certain order and luxury inherent within the car culture phenomenon, well exemplified through the character and class of some of the hottest young promotional stars of the import scene, conducting themselves with such haunting style and sophistication, even throughout the heat and excitement of the occasion.  Cool, calm and collected, these dazzling beauties symbolize a timeless elegance, neither phased by setting or situation yet always significant in their ability to effectively define a moment.


End Thread

End Thread is a brand dedicated to assisting an automotive enthusiast in effectively flaunting his or her passion for the scene through featured clothing and accessory options that fully accentuate the community spirit.


Lissette Medina visually entices through chic expressive quality defined within rich passionate style.  She just presents a certain sensual depth within character that dazzles in refined stylistic intrigue and immersing drama.


Infinite Auto Design

Infinite Auto Design aims to redefine the field of automotive styling and customization through a passionate brand culture that seeks to express the innate aesthetic value within each vehicle through the support and process of expert craftsmanship and conception.


Sweetly alluring, in vibrant expressive charisma framed upon soothing statuesque poise, Holly Lee absolutely charms within a serene stylistic elegance that infuses a luster of heightened enthusiasm into an atmosphere.  People familiar with Holly during live event extravaganzas often find themselves greeted by her intuitive bursts of spirit, emanating from a genuine exuberance and appreciation for people who have supported her throughout her career.  She just presents a general inclusiveness of nature, which often takes fans to those adorable depths within her creativity and humor that often illuminates an experience upon any show floor.  Such personable quality has lead her to become one of the most sought after promotional personalities within the automotive scene today, and she’s likely to stay that way for many seasons onward.


KaPu MotorTrends

KaPu MotorTrends provides a quality line of automotive performance parts, which compliment the creative drive and artistry inherent within every car culture enthusiast.


Towards the end of the day, Marie Alvarez would make a special appearance at Extreme Autofest Anaheim’s “Heroes and Villains” Official Spokesmodel Lounge, catching up with some of the fans while continuing to promote the KaPu MotorTrends brand via the company’s signature white-collared work shirt.  Emotively penetrating in shimmering expressive consistency embraced upon chic delicate poise, Marie always delivers soothing sleek attitude into an atmosphere, characterized within a vivid passionate depth and intuitive sensuality, which just breathes inspiring dramatic quality within any scene or composition.  Marie truly possesses a talent that can fluidly manifest itself throughout various themes and motifs within the realms of fashion and visual art.




Aila Elyzze mesmerizes with a richness of soothing seductive quality, stylistically conveyed through an sophisticated expressive brilliance that flows in unison within dynamic form and control.  Though relatively new to the scene, her tantalizing presence and general confidence upon a show floor tells much of her true potential going forward.



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