August 14, 2013

SPOCOM Anaheim 2013: The Glamorous Women of Promotional Modeling


Glamour is a style, a theme but most importantly an attitude.  It’s a catalyst towards attraction.  It’s an identity that entices the imagination.  In every sense or definition of the word, it represents a quality and depth inherent within an individual.  During premier automotive showcase extravaganzas like SPOCOM Anaheim, the concepts of style and elegance are already well established within the scope and magnitude of the presentation and celebration, characterized in stunning custom car displays that provide a window into the luxury and richness of the vibrant automotive culture.  Though Southern California’s hottest modified vehicles would do much to set the tempo and theme within the vibrant show atmosphere, the air of romanticism that would simultaneously impact the hearts and minds of attendees would be significantly due to the embracing allure of personality.  Indeed, the SPOCOM Super Show at the Anaheim Convention Center has become more than just a festival of craft and performance but also of charisma and beauty, well exemplified in the presence of prominent promotional figures who provide a quality of class and passionate intrigue towards a live event experience.


K&N Filters

K&N Filters has been a revolutionary brand in the automotive parts industry, renowned as the the innovative force behind the development of High-Flow air filters that essentially maximize a vehicle’s capabilities within the realms of speed and performance. 


Danielle Lo would return to her familiar post as a K&N Filters featured spokesmodel during the 2013 SPOCOM Super Show.  Radiantly charming in elegant expressive vivacity framed upon dainty delicate poise, Danielle always illuminates a scene through the pure class and integrity of her charming disposition.  She just offers an amicability and professionalism that instantly ingratiates herself with a broad based audience, thus maximizing the impact of any marketing or promotional strategy upon any show floor.  Its through such character and talent that truly exemplifies her potential for success within a variety of roles and platforms in mainstream entertainment.



Europrojektz celebrates the style and character of European automotive makes and models through its continuing mission of showcasing their premier modified vehicles within the biggest car culture circuits in the world.



Marissa Hiroko would make her return upon the floors of the Anaheim Convention Center for her second consecutive appearance at SPOCOM Anaheim.  Passionately enthralling in soothing expressive serenity defined in dramatic statuesque control, Marissa visually captivates through a refined sense of aesthetic intuition that immerses so comprehensively within a depth of focused sensuality.  It’s a certain flow and stylistic finesse to her process that intricately enriches the character of a scene, exemplifying her innate talent within themed compositions that rely heavily on constructs of form to convey meaning towards an audience.  Especially within the automotive show circuits, such innate artistic dimension has always provided additional character to featured custom car and modified vehicle displays.  It’s what has also led her to become well recognized as a distinct star of the scene during this day and age.



Limitless Society

Limitless Society is an organization dedicated to promoting the ambitions and passions of an expansive car culture community within a brand culture focused on unity and camaraderie.


Lori Lin mentioned that she had some trouble sleeping the night before.  Perhaps, it was because of the anticipation of making her very first appearance upon the floors of SPOCOM Anaheim this year.  Vibrantly inspiring in sweet expressive charisma framed upon passionate dynamic form, Lori mesmerizes through a smooth tranquility of charm that beams ever so charmingly within a quality of shimmering order.  Such spirit within elegance has already made her one of more pleasing and engaging young personalities of the entire season.


Outcast Garage


Alluringly adorable in vibrant expressive clarity defined in chic soothing style, Sandra Wong is a true sweetheart of the import scene, well admired for her impeccable style and embracing character within the show circuits of California.  It’s a willingness to interact with her audience through a genuine regard and warmth of affection that essentially nurtures her ever expanding fandom.  It’s a level of professionalism not only dedicated within duty but appreciative of the camaraderie that defines this particular scene of the industry.  She just always presents her herself wholeheartedly to effectively relate with the people of the expansive car culture community.  It’s within such facets of her nature that could very well contribute to her longevity as one of this era’s more prominent personalities.


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