February 8, 2013

The Fit Expo Los Angeles 2013: Women of the Gridiron


The LA Temptation has been the most dominating team in the history of the newly rebranded Legends Football League, capturing a record of three league championships in consecutive, back-to-back seasons. With the new LFL spring schedule unveiled and the 2013 season starter fast approaching, some of the legendary team’s star players made their way back to the LA Convention Center, as they have done in the past, to promote the team’s upcoming efforts at the Los Angeles Fit Expo. The team, as always, seemed optimistic about continuing their success with a four-peat championship streak. After all, history was heavily on their side.

The following is a rundown of some of the LA Temptation athletes that will be playing in this year’s LFL season.



# 20 Tessa Barrera is happily married to football.


# 14 Stephanie Psick is always a temptation at every Los Angeles Fit Expo


Christina Sagarminaga


Sweetly charming with embracing enthusiasm, Becky Schaller is a talented model and fitness personality that has graced the cover of Shape Magazine and participated in numerous fitness DVDs and media programs, including her own production series Body by Becky.  An avid fitness fanatic looking for new challenges around every corner, she now sets her sights to the competitive sports arena as an official LFL player.



# 11 Laura Barba was quite the character at the LA Temptations booth showing how truly majestic her game face can really be from every angle.  She might have more enjoyment beating up on girls during the competition season, but if she ever wanted to get into the modeling gig, she does add something quite special within photography, a depth of drama within expressive focus that is quite undeniable.




Warning to all men:  Do not request for Jacqueline Sparagna to spear you.  The results, as witnessed, were only pretty because she was smiling afterwards.


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