August 12, 2013

SPOCOM Anaheim 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Lauren La Carriere

SPOCOM is a premier event series primarily focused on the creativity and ingenuity that car culture enthusiasts implement upon the design and features of their prized custom cars and modified vehicles.  However, because of the show circuit’s emphasis upon a comprehensive view of the automotive lifestyle, the participating brands and vendors were not necessarily limited to the business of aftermarket parts and components.  In fact, many of the presenting entities would cater directly towards the individual, providing fashion options that would compliment the style and character of the broad based community and environment.  Continuous Line would be one such company, representing the action sports lifestyle that never stops to pursuit that pinnacle of excellence.  It’s that same dynamic that likewise motivates the dedication of an avid car culture enthusiast who constantly improves his ride year after year within that perpetual journey for further self-expression.  Joined by SWAE Watches, whose urban scene inspirations encourage that never-ending quest for “wristpect,” the two brands would definitely find thematic significance within the show floor of SPOCOM Anaheim.  However, in order to emphasize this importance within the event experience, both companies would have to decide on the right promotional ambassador to place front and center amongst the crowds, ideally a person with experience within every premier event venue within the Southern California import scene.  Essentially, they would find all of that and more within the charm and talent of Lauren La Carriere.



Lauren La Carriere energizes a scene through an adorable expressive brilliance that absolutely allures in combination with shimmering vibrant poise.  There’s a certain sweetness and style to her disposition that sensually illuminates an atmosphere in both character and control, elements to her nature that often inspire a certain youthful charisma within a particular moment.  Such spirited grace would prove quite valuable to the Continuous Line and SWAE Watches brands, as she would essentially personify that affection for fun and adventure that their product lines fundamentally signified.



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