April 12, 2013

Formula Drift Tech Day 2013: Calendar Girls (Part 2)

Some of the top brand names and publications specializing in automotive style and culture would co-sponsor the 2013 Formula Drift Tech Day event in Irvine, California.  Such entities would include Modified Mag, European Car, Honda Tuning, and many others who wanted to join in the celebration for the start of yet another promising competitive season.  Providing product samples, a selection of merchandising and featured automotive displays, they emulated components of the massive vendor village and pit experience, which has been a main entertainment element within the Formula Drift event series for many years.   Show sponsors Import Tuner and Super Street Magazine would also collaborate in creating a joint promotional booth, where event attendees were treated to yet another facet of the upcoming adventure through face-to-face meetings and autograph sessions with some of the most talented modeling personalities of the automotive scene.  It is within this all-inclusive emphasis upon performance, style and, of course, beauty that has always proved essential to the successful “formula” for organizing and conducting memorable live competitive sports experiences.  Formula Drift, year after year, tends to embrace it all.



Shimmering in smooth expressive style and immersing charisma, Holly Lee enthralls within the grace of scintillating form and sensuality, which through a subtle fluidity of manner, establishes depth and character within any theme or situation.  She just possesses an effortless adorability that effectively penetrates to the core through a certain optimistic clarity, which has made her one of the most popular and admired personalities within the live event circuits of the current era.




Sandra Wong intoxicates through elegant expressive vivacity, characterized by the impeccable flow between delicate poise and stylistic control.  She often defines an atmosphere with her sterling fashion sense and chic serenity, which thoroughly permeates the senses with such potent emotive influence and inspiring class that her mere presence might actually cause someone to hallucinate and think they’re in one of those artsy, black-and-white Calvin Klein or Guess ads though within the authenticity of living color.




A special appearance from Amy Fay at this Formula Drift preview event brought back some fond memories to those who frequent the SoCal car culture scene, many of whom haven’t seen the dazzling import starlet since the 2010 Wekfest show in Long Beach.  Charmingly animated within the warmth of embracing vibrant spirit, Amy is easily one of the most entertaining personalities one might ever encounter upon a show floor, always quite generous with her humor while innovative in her comic delivery.  As an artist, Amy has also been renowned for being one of the most sensually seductive figures of the automotive scene, often exhibiting a fine intuitive sense for visual style and allure, which translates effectively within the union of flowing poise and enamoring expressive order.  However, at this event, she just couldn’t stop goofing around.  Perhaps, it’s just her expression of appreciation and enthusiasm for those who have kept her close to their hearts throughout her career.



Formula Drift’s 2013 competitive tour begins with its annual season opener upon the Streets of Long Beach on April 12th to the 13th.  Stay tuned for extensive model industry coverage within future editorial updates to this site.

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