April 19, 2013

DUB Show Los Angeles 2013: Floor Report

The DUB Show automotive showcase series is a nationwide event phenomenon that moves to its own unique beat.  While many other competing circuits are intricately tied to the international racing and performance culture created by the thrill for competitive sport and a passion for speed, the DUB Show provides a window into the rich urban automotive lifestyle prevalent within popularized American culture today.  Such is influenced by an emphasis on maximized sensory gratification through lavish, flavorful displays of stylized vehicular customization that fundamentally define the phrase “tricked out ride.”  Backed by a leading national promoter of the American car culture, DUB Magazine, with prestigious companies such as Monster Energy, Boost Mobile, and Toyota attached as a major sponsors of the tour, the DUB Show has effectively branded elements of the American pop culture and lifestyle through its name, especially with consistent guest appearances by the hip-hop music scene’s most talented young performers upon their main stage.  Amongst all these features, however, much is to be said about the role of the modeling industry in this particular event series, whose participants and representatives have always provided for some of the most memorable moments of the DUB Show throughout the years.  At the DUB Show’s 2013 tour stop in Los Angeles, these gorgeous promotional stars would become, as they always have been, a major factor to the overall show experience.

General Show Floor

The 2013 DUB Show in Los Angeles presented fans with a dual-purpose floor structure, which would utilize the full area and dimension of one of the Los Angeles Convention Center’s massive main event halls.  An expansive vendor-free space provided for a discernable boundary between the performance and car showcase elements of the event, while providing fans with ample amount of room to roam and find a place in which to enjoy the featured musical entertainment of the afternoon.  Much of the show floor catered naturally toward the passion of automotive lifestyle enthusiasts, a spirit for self-expression displayed on rows upon rows of featured brand named booths and themed showcase areas, which honored the vibrant style, attitude and diversity of the SoCal car culture scene.  Featured promotional talent and brand ambassadors would be stationed throughout the event, offering autographed memorabilia to further intrigue the wandering masses. 

Team Spirit

With no clear subdivisions within the showcase portion of the floor, the apparent group dynamic formed by the prestige of the automotive scene’s most established brand names would provide for some of the major focal points of the show experience.  The following is a sneak peak at some of the major promotional teams that will be featured further in upcoming editorial segments of this coverage.

2 Crave   Toyota Avalon
Savini   Extreme Autofest

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