April 11, 2013

Formula Drift Tech Day 2013: Calendar Girls (Part 1)


Formula Drift is the leading nationwide circuit for professional drifting competition in the United States.  With the start of the 2013 season fast approaching, the anticipation builds within the hearts and minds of thousands of enthusiasts who look forward to the dawn of yet another great season of action and drama upon the tracks.  Before the official start of the action-packed motorsports tour on April 12th and 13th upon the Streets of Long Beach, representatives from Formula Drift would offer fans an opportunity to get up close and in person with some of the vehicles scheduled for battle at the Round One season opening event via this annually organized meet and greet function.  The car meet element of the preview event would, in turn, allow fans to showcase their own rides in full celebration and appreciation for the broad-based automotive culture.  To emphasize this further, scheduled to be in attendance would be some of the most stunning beauties of the car culture scene, who were effectively welcomed by long lines of attendees and visitors eager to start the Formula D season with an extra touch of charming inspiration.



Janey B. beams with a certain luster of style, which is just elegantly exquisite within the cohesion of expressive brilliance and form.  Such visual radiance and scintillating class has effectively propelled her into featured editorials within popular automotive publications such as Super Street, Import Tuner, and DSPORT throughout her career. 



Janey found a few moments to chill and reconnect with another fellow 2013 Import Tuner Calendar girl.



Enchantingly chic within soothing expressive charisma and statuesque serenity, Melyssa Grace possesses a visual character defined within stylistic order that is passionately rich and splendorous in refinement.  She presents emotive content with such immaculate purity and power that her absence from further contention within Miss Formula Drift contests after winning the title in 2010 might have effectively retired the crown upon her brow, at least in the view of some of her dedicated fans.  While Melyssa tends to captivate audiences within the depth of her presence, competitive sports vehicles do much the same toward her.  While walking with her upon this automotive show floor, one might easily confuse her resulting enthusiasm and giddiness for a woman losing herself in a shoe store.  She has always expressed a strong passion for the sport of drifting and the car culture as a whole, and such has made her one of the most admired figures within her scene.



Melyssa took some time out to hang out with some of her friends from JDM Sport, an automotive lifestyle promoter and performance parts manufacturer, which she had represented as a promotional talent during the course of last year’s SEMA event in Las Vegas, Nevada.



Jasmyn Skye always charms with a vivacious expressive adorability, which potently enraptures through immersing emotive focus and passionate clarity.  Such visual appeal and character has allowed her to become a leading promotional presence for the JDM Sport brand since the beginning of the event season. 



Coverage of the 2013 Formula Drift Tech Day continues next…

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