April 27, 2013

DUB Show Los Angeles 2013: Ladies and the Lifestyle


While celebrated and renowned for its stunning customized automobile displays, the DUB Show Tour also honors other influential elements of the expansive creative culture, characterized by alternative avenues of amusement and stylistic implementation, which exemplify the true depth of the lifestyle itself.  Whether it be theme parks, accessories, or different brands for written word, there are many participants within the automotive scene that collectively cater to the tastes and passions of a broad-based audience.  The DUB Show in Los Angeles would allow some of these companies the opportunity to get to know the fans and enthusiasts who would potentially benefit from the goods and services that they had to offer.  In turn, these entities would enrich the event experience with featured promotional talent and special guest appearances, which effectively delighted the crowds with excitement and exclusive brand-named souvenirs.


CyclePath Magazine

CyclePath Magazine is driven by a mission to unite riders and enthusiasts within all levels of experience under a common brand, which prides itself as a primary resource for news and trends within a passionate motorcycle community.


Jessie C. would charm attendees during the course of DUB Show LA, beaming embracing spirit and enthusiasm upon the CyclePath showcase area.




Marie Alvarez mesmerized as CyclePath’s special guest talent for the afternoon, providing DUB Show LA fans with special edition posters featuring her as an official promotional figure for the brand.  Absolutely enchanting in chic expressive depth and shimmering, soothing style, Marie has an uncanny ability to infuse vividly haunting drama within any situation or atmosphere through a sheer intuitive sense of visual sensuality, which entices within enrapturing emotive consistency and focused control.  A rising star within both the glamour and automotive scenes of the industry, Marie definitely brings inspiring character toward any premier promotional role.




SpeedZone is a motorsports family entertainment theme park that promises to immerse racing fans within the high performance drama of the competitive track experience through its hands-on features and programs, which bring that need for speed into blistering real life.


SpeedZone would promote their brand within the show’s DUB Garage display, utilizing the charm and brilliance of one of their dedicated company grid girls, who was happy to offer signed posters of her beautiful promotional family to all the attendees passing by.


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