April 21, 2013

DUB Show Los Angeles 2013: The Ladies of 2Crave


2Crave Wheels seems to draw inspiration from a dedicated brand culture, defined by shimmering stylistic conception and expertly detailed craftsmanship.  It’s within this visual prestige and presentation that the company has become a well recognized symbol of elegance and refinement, as 2Crave proceeds with its continuing mission to impart its own spirit and passion towards the broad-based automotive community.  On the front lines of this campaign stands a steady yet ever-expanding roster of talented young promotional personalities who have effectively created a solid rapport with the company’s customers, fans and followers throughout the years.  Composed of some of the modeling industry’s most stunning young stars, the 2Crave team gathers together one of the most alluring ensembles of talent upon any show floor.  As always, their presence at the 2013 DUB Show in Los Angeles would be well received.



Visually inspiring through immaculate expressive brilliance framed upon delicate statuesque grace, Jessica Endres captivates within immersing emotive order, which is illuminated with a certain aesthetic richness and quality within her character that breathes embracing elegance into the atmosphere.  Such only accentuates her genuine talent and passion for fashion, which, in turn, makes her one of the more unique and versatile talents active in the automotive show circuits today.  Event attendees would acknowledge her value within the scene during DUB Show LA 2013, forming a significant line in front of her table for a chance to grab some autographed keepsakes graced with her likeness.




Taryn Blake charmed with refreshing enamoring charisma, which all the more intrigued with a beaming expressive depth characterized by emotively potent adorability.



Vividly mesmerizing through soothing expressive focus and chic stylistic control, Arley Elizabeth has an innate ability to project powerful emotive content, which entices with a certain air of mystery within intuitive will that imposes character upon a composition while effectively influencing thematic direction.  Though quite the dramatic artist, she is mostly known by car culture enthusiasts as an energizing brand ambassador and entertainer, always responsive and interactive toward her audience within any given situation.  Often admired for her adlib antics and general approachability upon a show floor, this fine young talent always keeps her station booming with activity. 







Arika Sato dazzles through scintillating, elegant charm defined within the emotive constructs of sensual poise and control.  She just conducts herself with a level of sophistication that immerses the senses in rich stylistic allure, which has effectively brought her recognition as one of the most awe-inspiring figures of the 2Crave team in recent years.






Sandra Wong is a fresh new face to the 2Crave promotional team this year though not unfamiliar to the automotive scene by any account.  Assisting prize hopefuls at the 2Crave “wheel of fortune” during the course of DUB Show LA 2013, Sandra has already quite effectively set the course for her own destiny by developing into one of the most popular import scene personalities in recent history, having been honored with several published features and titles within her first year of official activity.  In many ways, finding Sandra with the 2Crave team wasn’t much of a surprise to her dedicated fans, considering the nature of the brand culture.  Soothing in serene expressive character accentuated by flowing form and poise, Sandra beams with a visual quality that is emotively haunting upon delivery.  She just brings about a certain depth of style within tranquility that intricately compliments the vision and identity of the 2Crave product line.



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