April 20, 2013

DUB Show Los Angeles 2013: Hot Wheels and Women


The DUB Show in Los Angeles is renowned for showcasing some of the most original and elaborate conceptions of customized vehicular design within the American live event circuits today, gathering the talents of automotive enthusiasts from various cultures, experiences and backgrounds upon the common ground and facility of the expansive Los Angeles Convention Center.  Perhaps, one of the most celebrated elements of modification within this car culture scene is the artist’s interpretation of the purpose and fashion of the wheel.  The body might be fantastic with the exterior design visually exquisite, but the wheels do something else that is fundamentally significant in purpose.  They make the car move, not purely from a functionality standpoint but also in their perceived aesthetic value as a statement of character.  Such a realization leads one to understand the DUB name as more than just a common reference toward the customized wheel but rather the acknowledgment of a certain attitude and spirit which provides identity.  Dominating the DUB Show floor as they usually do, wheel manufactures and retailers understand the importance of what they sell to the market and often employ the assistance of representation that capture that same attention and affection from their audience that they believe their products and services innately provide.


909 Motoring

909 Motoring is dedicated to providing stylish customized wheel and tire product packages, which effectively cater to the passions of an automotive lifestyle enthusiast for eye-catching design.




Amanda F. (left) and Christian G. (right) brought embracing charm and energy to the atmosphere around the 909 Motoring featured showcase area during the 2013 DUB Show in Los Angeles.



Kosei Wheels



Kosei is a Japan-based company, which offers a versatile line of wheel products suited to the high performance and lifestyle needs of the avid automotive enthusiast.



Marika (above) and Amy (below) brought unbound enthusiasm and spirit to the Kosei booth during the show, often intriguing audiences through playfully humorous collaborations, utilizing their vibrantly themed display to their full creative advantage.



Toyo Tires

Complimenting the fashion of a wheel with state-of-the-art research and technology, Toyo Tires provides a selection of innovative quality tire products, which allow for optimum performance within various levels and modes of functionality. 


Enthrallingly alluring in radiant expressive quality, Claudia Alan sparkles with pure scintillating adorability born from inspiring, unbound vivacity.  Taken with her graceful disposition and charming manner, she conveys an effortless charisma and dynamicity that makes her presence virtually impossible to overlook within a live event setting or, perhaps, even within the competitive field of a pageant.


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