April 22, 2013

DUB Show Los Angeles 2013: Angels of the Automotive Scene

Nationwide automotive event tours like the DUB Show often attract a mass audience from various cities and locales, giving people a chance to celebrate and partake within a concept of living, which often takes on a more grandiose identity upon the vast show floors of a major city convention hall.  With the fascination for creativity coinciding with the clamor for celebrity at every corner, big venue extravaganzas like this tend to become a bit hectic, and within the joyful chaos, people can easily lose themselves within the thrill of any particular moment.  Such is a marketing concern for many companies on a show floor, often seeking attention within a sea of distractions and varying brand names.  There are a few instances, however, where such perceived disadvantages are effectively
bypassed.  Where flare and design prevail, sometimes the beam of pure colorless simplicity will often provide the necessary impact.  With a smile, a gaze, a person and personality added to that sensory equation, that celestial white does tend to become all the more eye-catching and inspiring.  So, here’s a look back at some of those beautiful people who through their charm and dedication made the DUB Show really feel like it was in a city full of angels.

Sicfuc Clothing


Adorably radiant within delicate form and energizing style, Jen Lopez mesmerizes with a vibrant expressive elegance, which is emotively inspiring and heartwarming despite the sinister grin of that bunny on her featured attire.


Vertini Wheels


Vertini specializes in the production of quality luxury wheel products, forged from a solid dedication towards excellence and an affection for bold, innovative design.


Scintillating in smooth enamoring serenity, Jessica Weaver captivates with penetrating expressive control, which in conjunction with her innate dynamicity of poise utterly spellbinds in pure passionate power.  There’s a certain smoothness and flow to her process that intrigues within subtleties, effectively magnifying emotive impact through sensual consistency.  It’s through this ability to affect such potent dramatic influence upon an atmosphere that tells much of her talent as a truly seductive force within any form of visual media.






Denisse Morales utterly enchants within a certain stylistic duality, characterized by vivid expressive depth fused upon delicate tranquility of form.  There’s just this intriguing interplay between boldness of expression and gentleness of manner, which establishes a subliminal narrative within a composition that is innately mysterious and thought-provoking. 


Stance Wheels


Stance Wheels has implemented 15 years of experience in the automotive industry to derive a quality line of wheel products which satisfy the various needs and preferences of an automotive lifestyle enthusiast in regards to both style and performance.


Joselyn Cano has steadily reestablished herself within the SoCal automotive scene, already making several big appearances within prestigious show circuits in 2013.  Passionately enthralling in subtle enamoring depth and glowing expressive brilliance, Joselyn has an ability to command a crowd by the sheer quality and character of her presence.  It’s this subtle sweetness and smooth demure disposition that operates within the order of natural sensuality that truly intoxicates though both emotive intrigue and tantalizing form.

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