April 30, 2013

DUB Show Los Angeles 2013: Extreme Autofest Girls On the Show Floor


One of the unique representative aspects that Extreme Autofest has emphasized about its own brand relates to the weight and importance placed upon unified theme.  Such has always brought with it a certain aura of intrigue for the nature of their scheduled event format and programing throughout the years.  For that reason, the organization constantly searches for the most creative and energizing talents to enrich the experience within their automotive lifestyle extravaganzas by effectively illuminating and animating the event atmosphere through their stylistic interpretations of fantastical visual drama and adventure.

At the 2013 DUB Show in Los Angeles, Extreme Autofest would allow a few of the featured stars of their upcoming event to unleash their personalities upon a massive show floor in preparation for their own spectacular on May 11th, 2013 at Anaheim’s Angel Stadium.  While yet seemingly unprepared to don the wardrobe of their Extreme Autofest alter egos, they were no less interesting in character themselves. 


Sensually radiant through smooth penetrating style accentuated in glowing expressive depth and charisma, Kristin Barcelona delivers a dose of sweet intensity into a composition or scene, essentially influencing the mood through the pristine passion inherent within a serene quality of focus.  Matched with her flowing intuitive sense of emotive drama and control, Kristin definitely creates deep aesthetic intrigue through the entirety of her process, which only intensifies the anticipation for what she might actually contribute towards a creatively themed show floor in the near future.





Perhaps, no other promotional talent in the automotive showcase circuits today utilizes the concepts of visual motif and theme in the same level and frequency as the beautiful Diamond Zaang.  Whether it be suited to a specific emotive atmosphere, scene, cause, or occasion, Diamond’s stylistic choices always seems to correspond and compliment a moment in stellar sensual fashion, exhibiting a keen creative awareness toward any situation that presents itself.  Even with the absence of such themed elements, she dazzles with a freshness and spontaneity, which allows her to act freely while exposing her true emotive depth, defined through smooth statuesque grace, illuminated within the luster of vibrant enticing charm.  It’s through this dynamic intuition and visual charisma that magnificent moments are effectively created and captured.




Shauvon Pham captivates with a shimmering sensual tranquility formed upon enrapturing soothing poise.  She just has a visual glow that is enthrallingly elegant within subtlety, which breathes tempting passion into the atmosphere.





It can become increasingly difficult to maintain a straight face within the presence of the charmingly spirited Mila De.  As a live event talent, Mila is a master improvisational entertainer, often utilizing her innate comedic depth and variety to act as a primary mode of engagement in capturing an audience while upon a stage or a busy show floor.  Such has allowed her to appear at several comic-themed conventions in the past, which in a way expresses her emphasis upon a more animated outlook on life, a point of view which she encourages wholeheartedly amongst her fans and followers through words and example.  And so comes the dilemma of the upcoming Extreme Autofest event and the pressure to surpass the things she’s done in the past.  She expressed a certain concern with the possibility of experienced cosplayers being involved within the “Heroes and Villians” themed event.  Known within a few show circuits for portraying a female counterpart to the heroic Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, she expressed her interest to delve into a bit of the darkside without confirming specifically what direction she would actually take.  Either way, with a great creative mind at work, she’s sure to make quite an impression with the crowds.




Vividly seductive within passionate immersing focus and dynamic sensual style, Audrey Elizabeth beams with a concentrated emotive depth, which visually caresses within intoxicating consistency, all in conjunction with a charisma and definition of form, which magnify the unbound romanticism created by the quality within her visual character. 


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