April 25, 2013

DUB Show Los Angeles 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Ashley Clark


Ace Alloy Wheels in conjunction with AMF Forged would proudly display some of their premium, high-quality aluminum wheel designs for the benefit of those present at the DUB Show LA event extravaganza.  Shimmering in fine quality and visual aesthetic allure, their combined product lines, forged within stylized ingenuity, would honor the essence of the automotive lifestyle within their presentation, which effectively celebrated an encompassing affection for action, luxury, and performance.  To help drive the character of their brand culture into the hearts and minds of the wandering public, Ace Alloy Wheels and AMF Forged would enlist the assistance of some of the automotive scene’s premier promotional personalities, one of those being the talented and charming Ashley Clark.




Emotively inspiring through stunning expressive brilliance and embracing genuine grace, Ashley Clark beams with a natural charisma that is so pure and invigorating in character that her presence inherently creates direction and value within a composition.  It’s an innate vivacity that seemingly coincides, correlates and even magnifies a mood within a manner that breaths optimism and energy into a surrounding atmosphere.  Such is a primary reason why she’s been such a popular presence within the live event circuits in recent seasons.  However, her appeal also stems from her versatility within time and situation, always bold in experimenting with new styles and trends, while in a way interpreting a scene through her own spirit and, therefore, exemplifying her value within a variety of thematic constructs.  She might be blond, brunette, decked out in leather or flowing summertime fabric, adding an element of surprise and freshness through a play of persona, but nothing is really that fundamentally different.  After all, no one can really deliver a smile quite the way that Ashley Clark can do.


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