April 23, 2013

DUB Show Los Angeles 2013: The Toyota Avalon Girls


As mentioned previously, the DUB Show tour is a magnified expression of the enthusiasm and spirit inherent in the car culture experience, offering something still true to life though much less ordinary.  Things are just big on this show floor.  There’s big wheels, big semi trucks, big sounds and big stars.  Even the major sponsors of the event have the weight of tradition and reputation behind them.  One of the most prestigious brands to support the DUB Show in its 2013 tour would be the mega automotive giant Toyota, which would present its popular insignia in all its glory upon one of the biggest showcase displays within the DUB Show LA event floor.  After all, they would need the space in order to fit all their full-sized, top-of-the-line sedans under their banner, as they would proudly showcase the freshly designed fourth generation models of their Avalon brand vehicles.  In order to cover their massive space effectively and efficiently, a sizable team of product representatives were deployed throughout the entire area of the Toyota display.  Sleekly dressed, tablet equipped, and smiles ready for hearty welcomes, the Toyota Avalon promotional team brought much more to be admired.




Former Miss California USA contestant Mireya Lopez exuded radiant class and character within poise and expressive order.



Lyna Ly Sparks is a popular figure within the live automotive circuits of Southern California, having appeared at all the major car culture tour extravaganzas currently active in the region during the course of the last two to three years.  As a modeling talent, Lyna just intoxicates within the chic luster of her expressive quality, which is utterly inspiring within elegant grace and enticing emotive spirit.  Such talent translates quite well upon the show floor, as people have always admired the content of her character, well respected as a genuinely warm and inclusive personality who truly finds value in what she does and for the fans and professionals that surround her. 




Ariana C. was hanging out with Lyna during the show, charming crowds with energizing spirit and embracing brilliance.




“Miss Hernandez” would return to the Los Angeles Convention Center for her second trip in two seasons to the DUB Show in Los Angeles.  Soothing in sweet expressive style and control, she presents a serene depth within clarity that is emotively penetrating while at times bold in captivating attitude.






Andrea Hunt allures with refreshing, sophisticated vivacity, which charmed in embracing warmth and enthusiastic professionalism.



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