March 2, 2013

Kuya Model Expo 2013: Go-go Legacy Rain, Go!

To further emphasize their brand’s affection towards the spirit of the dynamic metropolitan lifestyle, the Legacy Rain crew took over the stage with several sets of stunning live entertainment, which sparked imaginations with energizing sensual motion and breathtaking expressive passion. Former Hot Import Nights dance competition contenders Raquel Estrella and Roxy L’Roux, along with Nicole Marie Reckers, who was making her non-club, live event performance debut, would have the lead in conducting the action. The following is a pictorial of how it all went down during the 2013 Kuya Model Expo.

Raquel Estrella

Nicole Marie Reckers


Roxy L’Roux

Coverage of the 2013 Kuya Model Expo continues next…

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