May 28, 2013

Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2013: Women 2Crave


Desire is a fundamental facet of the human experience.  It’s what drives one toward a certain direction.  It creates focus and builds character.  However, even before the beginning of a journey comes those moments of inward self-examination, where one formulates the course of his or her destiny within a response to that most fundamental life question, “What’s your crave?”  Its within this very same spirit that 2Crave Wheels has developed its fine line of luxury inspired wheel products in an effort to effectively define those ambitions and aspirations, establishing a brand culture dedicated to constant innovation illuminated in the conception and style of expertly detailed craftsmanship.  In the same manner as their products effectively symbolize the pinnacle of sophistication within design, 2Crave’s image within popular event circuits like Extreme Autofest further conveys their dedication toward the promotion of a certain lifestyle, a way of living well exemplified by the class and character of their dedicated promotional figures, who together form one of the most stunning ensembles of live event talent today.



Arika Sato always seems to influence the nature of a scene through a rich expressive brilliance, well embraced by the statuesque style and grace inherent within her visual character.  She just conveys a certain shimmering class within charming natural consistency that inspires a form of reverence toward a perceivable magnificence of order.  Its within such refined sophistication that she finds relevancy alongside the 2Crave Wheels brand.







Vivaciously intoxicating in radiant expressive spirit fused upon intuitive chic depth and style, Arley Elizabeth is definitely one of the more versatile talents in the automotive showcase scenes today, able to express herself effectively and completely within a variety of thematic constructs and environments.  Such is attributed to her professionalism and expertise in situational improvisation, well adept at adapting towards any particular moment through the sheer content of her talent and character, an innate quality which has allowed her to thrive within various industries and scenes as an admired brand ambassador.  In the automotive scene, she is most recognized as a leading live personality for 2Crave Wheels and continues to be a beacon of spirit and enthusiasm for the company upon various show floors in the Western United States.



Justene Jaro (above) and Dawn Jaro (below) would be stationed at 2Crave’s main display booth throughout the duration of the Extreme Autofest Anaheim spectacular, mesmerizing audiences within the allure of chic expressive depth and scintillating poise.  There was such a congruency and cohesion between their talents that one could only infer that their unique style must logically originate somewhere within in their common DNA.



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