March 3, 2013

Kuya Model Expo 2013: Girls of the Glamour Scene (Part 1)

What is glamour if not captivating while also romantic and intriguingly invigorating? It is a term used to encompass a whole range of emotively significant qualities into a singularity within language, which hardly explains the full influence it has upon the human spirit. It’s within this enigma and variability of interpretation that the art form of modeling was conceived. At the Kuya Model Expo, talents from all different backgrounds would converge upon a setting, which would leave very little mystery to question. With no brand, product, or organizational association, the person becomes the sole focus. Such is the reason why these type of events might be referred to as “the glamour scene.”

Desiree Vidal is a known talent within the local glamour scene circuits, primarily remembered for her frequent appearances within the Women of Perfection event series. Tantalizing with chic, shimmering vivacity, Desiree gleams with a style defined by potent expressive clarity framed upon smooth passionate form, which always infuses an element of drama into an atmosphere through innate visual quality and order.



April Star made her glamour scene debut with her presence at this year’s Kuya Model Expo. Sensually stunning in sweet enchanting tranquility, her talent is immediately recognized through the immersive brilliance inherent within her visual character. She just provides a purity of content within focus that is quite emotively inspiring through its enamoring expressive flow and consistency.


Roxana Garcia captivated with charming passionate allure born from the union of fiery, sensual style and enticing expressive grace.



Liz Giran dazzled with elegant ravishing radiance, which shined all the more through a complimentary disposition characterized by personable class and charm.




Seductively enthralling in potent dramatic sensuality, Kiki Le intoxicates with penetrating aesthetic passion, which flows through stylish intuitive comprehension of both posture and expressive control. It’s through this complete cohesion of emotive elements and qualities that made her one of the most powerfully mesmerizing personalities of the Kuya Model Expo.



Blithe was enjoying the music stage side, entertaining audiences with an energizing display of dynamically sensual rhythm and movement while expressively intriguing within enrapturing emotive focus and flowing artistic form.

Coverage of the 2013 Kuya Model Expo continues next…

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