March 3, 2013

Kuya Model Expo 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Samba Time with Daniela Brazil


Originally hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Daniela Brazil was heavily influenced by the dynamic entertainment culture, which prevailed within the land of her childhood. As a result, a lifetime passion for dance was developed and honed throughout an extensive professional career, which included performances in several premier operatic ballets, as well as multiple appearances within the Brazilian Carnival Parade of Rio de Janeiro, an annual event which expressed and celebrated her deep dedication to the Samba art form. In her subsequent relocation to the United States, she expressed a will and drive to share this love for performance to an expanded audience, forming the Oya Brazil Samba Show, which has allowed her to showcase her talents internationally in various venues around the world, while also allowing her to appear on nationally broadcast television and programming. This year at the Kuya Model Expo, Daniela would have yet another chance to perform in front of a new audience, as her star continued to rise within the scenes of Southern California.



Visually enthralling through chic expressive brilliance embraced upon a passionate sensuality of poise, Daniela Brazil has an innate ability to create penetrating emotive intrigue through the sheer dynamic quality inherent within her style. It’s this charming charisma, which gleams in enamoring richness and seductive energy, that ultimately speaks of her value within the multifaceted realms of promotional and artistic media.


Daniela Brazil effectively channeled the culture and mysticism of Brazilian spirit and folklore into a rhythmic, hip-shaking stage attraction, which energized everyone so much that some of the attendees, talent, and even the security joined in on the action. That was Daniela’s primary objective, after all. What is Samba if not an experience?



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