March 1, 2013

Kuya Model Expo 2013: The Ladies for Legacy Rain


Legacy Rain is a sophisticated new clothing line brand dedicated to channeling and inspiring the personal tastes and preferences of the individual through a varied selection of dresses, outerwear, and accessories, which intricately compliment the overall lifestyle of the modern woman. In order to introduce their designs to the passionate crowds of the automotive and glamour scenes, the company had some of their most admired superstars promoting their wears as official brand representatives for the entire duration of the Kuya Model Expo. With multi-time pageant champions, race queens and popular live event performers at their corner, who could really deny the class and style associated with this growing brand?

Raquel Estrella is the automotive scene’s only major triple crown champion of 2012, winning the titles of Miss Extreme Autofest San Diego, Miss SpoCom Anaheim, and Miss Badbeat all within her first full year as a premier tour talent.  Her accomplishments upon a live stage or event floor environment stem from her immersing energetic charisma, which warms within the gracious embrace of genuine appreciative elation and indiscriminant rapport.  She is in many ways the “People’s Spokesmodel,” through her talent of rallying and inspiring a crowd within any promotional arena, while visually captivating in enamoring expressive depth and allure.  She connects with an audience both personably and passionately unlike any other live event talent active today.


Raquel Estrella later had a change in wardrobe, sporting one of Legacy Rain’s featured dress creations, which effectively flatter the natural contours of the body with smooth sleek fabric and bold, decorative laced design.



The enchanting Noemii J beams with serene expressive elegance, which sensually captivates in both soothing focus and form.  It’s through this innate luster of style framed upon delicate, flowing grace that she has earned the admiration of many fans who frequent the major automotive showcase circuits.


Roxy L’Roux is a talented dance entertainer who has been previously featured as a live stage performer and competitor within the Hot Import Nights event series.  Passionately expressive within stylistic intuitive sense and control, one can see her natural talents translating with significant emotive efficiency within the realm of still frame media.






With extensive experience as a national brand ambassador and premier live event personality for Hankook Tire and NOS Energy Drink, Nicole Marie Reckers knows what is necessary to be an effective promotional influence on a brand.  The job often requires enthusiasm, charm, and endurance, all qualities that she has been able to hone into a persona which continues to entertain audiences throughout the country.  Cheerfully animated with a sweetness of disposition that infuses intoxicating warmth within an atmosphere, Nicole is truly one of the most inspiring event personalities today, always maintaining a festive vibe within a consistency of spirit that frequently leaves an audience intrigued and satisfied.  The joy and character she brings into her duties is all the more reflected within photography, as she openly presents an unabashed burst of optimism into a composition, which dazzles with emotive purity.

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