November 25, 2013

HIN WDRIFT Fontana 2013: Official Models Light Up Those Hot Import Nights


With the sun down and the atmosphere cooled to the most appropriate temperatures, the evening can be a perfect time to unwind, lounge lazily upon a couch, and just doze off into one’s own imagination before passing out to a series of after hour infomercial programs.  However, why should anyone ever elect to do that when there may very well be a Hot Import Nights production occurring in the convenience of one’s own vicinity or neighborhood?  It’s true that for some others it might take a bit of a drive to get to such a splendid attraction, but the anticipation of living it up within one of the most legendary car culture festivals in the world tends to boost one’s endurance upon the road.  For example, HIN WDRIFT Fontana would be a premier destination for many Southern California automotive enthusiasts, as they would travel from within the Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties to take part in a one-of-a-kind extravaganza at the Auto Club Speedway.  Despite the late hours, however, the atmosphere would seem to be all that more illuminating upon arrival.  Perhaps, it was the energy and flashing lights of a vibrant DJ booth and stage.  Maybe it was the luminous beams from the venue’s towering light fixtures.  Then again, it might be a whole different dimension of sensory intrigue at work, fundamentally contributing to the overall character and culture of the spectacular in its entirety.  In many instances, it would, indeed, be the women of the Hot Import Nights spokesmodel lounge who would significantly energize the featured showcase environment, accentuating the varied presentations of custom cars and modified vehicles upon the grounds within the spirit and color of their distinct personalities. 


2013 HIN WDRIFT Fontana Official Spokesmodels (Continued)


This heavily sponsored modified vehicle display seemed to be at the right place at the right time, caught in the luminescence of the Auto Club Speedway’s towering light structures while directly adjacent to the event’s official spokesmodels lounge.  With its color scheme further complimenting the relative brilliance of the location, it would pose as an ideal place in which to further associate with the import scene’s most gorgeous promotional models.

Hayle Cayaga would return to the site of her debut earlier this year, reprising her role as a premier promotional talent for Hot Import Nights during this HIN WDRIFT Fontana event at the Auto Club Speedway.  Sweetly alluring in adorable expressive radiance defined in vibrant sensual form, Hayle has a keen ability of infusing embracing, pristine charisma upon an atmosphere, making her truly one of the most charming personalities to emerge from within the import scene this season.



Erica Law would absolutely enchant the audiences of HIN WDRIFT Fontana, exuding that elegant sensual depth and fluid passionate poise, which has done much to emphasize her status as a rising starlet within the 2013 Hot Import Nights talent roster.



Sensually intoxicating in shimmering expressive serenity framed upon soothing delicate style, Jenny Lam thoroughly conveys a potency of stylistic intrigue, which is quite aesthetically sound in sweet, subtle mystery.  Such is a dimension to her talent that emphasizes a certain spirit within order, which can be well utilized within various concepts of high fashion art and photography.  Making her second appearance at the Auto Club Speedway for this late season sequel to the Hot Import Nights Fontana spectacular, she would effectively enrich the show floor experience, as she dazzled alongside some of California’s hottest custom car and modified vehicle designs.


Diamond Zaang mesmerizes in a passionate expressive consistency embraced in vivid statuesque form, facets of her style and persona which have effectively sustained her reputation as a legitimate draw within the automotive showcase circuits throughout the last two seasons.  Offering her time to the fans as an official spokesmodel representative for the HIN WDRIFT Fontana event, she would effectively personify that romanticism and glamour that fundamentally characterized the nature of this stunning car culture extravaganza.




Talented musical vocalist Athena Garcia would effectively showcase her prowess as a premier modeling personality at HIN WDRIFT Fontana, projecting such tempting expressive vivacity and scintillating dynamic control as to visually seduce an audience within a sheer force of charming sensuality.

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