December 18, 2012

LA Auto Show 2012: Al & Ed’s Autosound Angels

There’s a different rhythm and pulse to Kentia than in any other convention hall during the LA Auto Show. That vibe relies heavily upon the booming sound systems and electronics of Al & Ed’s Autosound. With a showcase area stretching an entire length of the hall, the brand has been a well recognized source of entertainment and curiosity for many event attendees for the past several years. And then, of course, you have the women, which also tend to intrigue. For instance, why do they have scan codes on a certain part of their body? And when they have the message “Like Us” printed at the front of their dresses, is that a general suggestion or a specific question? With the Al & Ed’s Autosound brand stance on innovation, would anyone expect anything less innovative from their marketing?



Gabriela B.



Brittany B.


Jenifer Monson has this sweetness and smooth seductive depth that makes her an irresistible draw year after year at the LA Auto Show.



Kacey B.


A special mention must also be given to Brittani Paige, Lena Love, and Marie Alvarez.  Though not pictured in this segment, they always create a fun and vibrant event atmosphere for everyone involved.  They were definitely an integral part of the Al and Ed’s Autosound team at this year’s LA Auto Show.

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  1. custom car show room suck no girls at cars emty

    1. Usually there's a good modeling industry presence in the custom car show room. Weekends are usually the best opportunities of meeting many of them including celebrity appearances. Cars are actually roped off in this section because they have owners who might want to limit access.

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