June 16, 2013

Bimmerfest Pasadena 2013: Fine Ladies with BMWs


For nearly a century, the BMW brand has been a symbol of quality automotive engineering throughout the world, well renowned for its status as one of the German Big 3 luxury automobile manufactures that continues to define a major segment of the world market to this day.  The brand’s reputation for stylistic class and quality performance has allowed its product line to attain and sustain unwavering support from a dedicated international enthusiast community, whose passion for their creations and conceptions would, in effect, inspire a time honored annual tradition.  Bimmerfest at the Pasadena Rose Bowl is an expression of BMW’s overall excellence as relayed by the people who experience it.  It’s a show spectacular that exemplifies the depth of passion an enthusiast has for what they call their prized and cherished Bimmers.  While an enthusiasm for performance is already well conveyed through a dedicated and continual use of the BMW product, a live event environment, perhaps, does much more to highlight a certain preference for style, especially upon the lush vibrancy of the chosen venue, which uplifts the majesty of any organized showcase extravaganza.  However, it might be personality that drives the message, after all, a quality of character that emulates that affection for ingenuity.  In a way, it’s a sensory collaboration between product and sensuality, which proves a brand’s stature as a true property of a lady.

Avant Garde Wheels

Avant Garde Wheels is a developer of a fine line of luxury wheel products, which essentially pushes the boundaries of conception and quality engineering for the purpose of offering unique stylistic options, suitable to the preferences of an avid car culture enthusiast.





Erica Nagashima makes a rare appearance within the SoCal automotive showcase circuits, most recognizable for her contributions within the industry as a premier grid girl for the Formula Drift competitive series.  Soothingly elegant in serene expressive radiance framed upon rich statuesque poise, Erica projects a vibrant intuitive style that just captivates within refined sensual order.  There’s just something so pure and immaculate about her visual character that is positively inspiring in shimmering allure while also quite indicative of her innate graciousness and charm upon a live show floor.





Jessica Draven dazzles with an elegant expressive charisma that flows enticingly within radiant delicate form.  She presents a certain spirit within order, which stylistically alludes to that fine fusion of grace and character often exalted within the realms of competitive pageantry. 


Impressive Wrap

Impressive Wrap provides quality luxury vehicle wraps, which fully accentuate the innate style and personality of an  individual through the scintillating character of a vehicle’s stylized exterior.


Eva Skye makes her second consecutive appearance upon the Pasadena Rose Bowl grounds for Bimmerfest 2013, mesmerizing crowds with that glowing expressive grace that utterly intoxicates in chic intuitive control.  There’s just a certain luster within the rich tranquility of her process that infuses dramatic yet soothing sensuality into an atmosphere, dimensions to her talent which prove her intricate value within emotively moving thematic concepts and creatively passionate motifs. 



VMR Wheels

VMR Wheels is a brand defined by an affection for quality design and steadfast precision, inspired and influenced by the tastes and preferences of a dedicated car culture community.


Christine Huang brought beaming charm and sweetness to her role as an official VMR Wheels brand representative during Bimmerfest Pasadena 2013.

Christine was joined by another familiar face of the automotive scene.  Perhaps, someone has heard of her.

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